I was told not too long ago by one of my cousins that my LiveJournal is boring. (You know who you are!!!) I was not actually mad because I kind of had to agree, to be honest. As a regular reader of many other LiveJournals, I can see that my entries are not nearly as personal, or full of detail about my daily life.

There is, however, a reason for this.

First of all, my life is frightfully boring. It’s kind of necessary, I suppose: if I had a lot of drama going on, I’d never feel like I needed to make stuff up, and I’d never get any work done. As is, I feel like I never get any work done. But I digress.

I set up this LiveJournal mostly so that I could update my website with info about the new book—coming this summer!!!—as well as other things, like appearances, reviews, and the like. Because I have a bit of a habit of revealing too much about myself, my nearest and dearest were concerned that I might, quite easily in fact, cross over the line from Writergrl Professionalism to blabbing to everyone about my dry cleaning and grocery list, which honestly are two of the most interesting things I have going at any given moment. (True fact!) My students can vouch as well for the fact that I overshare, at times. But so far, I’ve managed to keep myself to myself here. I don’t think you need to know that I’m obsessed with Friends reruns, or that I just bought the coolest new pair of Steve Madden shoes. I mean, I could tell you. I DID tell you. But those things have very little to do with my writing, and my books. And I think to continue to be able to write, and create the world I need on the page, I have to keep that one, with all its minutiae, a bit at bay.

I’m sure you understand.