Okay, I’ve decided to celebrate the fact that I FINALLY got my books organized and counted by giving some of them away. My shelves can only hold so many Rubbermaid bins, people!

I’ve got six box sets that need good homes. Three of each of these:


To enter, leave a comment on this entry. Later today, we’ll pick six winners.

Also, I want to find a good home for TEN copies of the original paperback of Someone Like You. Ideally this would be a class set for a teacher, or a librarian that maybe has a book club. It’s the old school size and cover. Check it out:














So if you could give these ten VINTAGE copies a good home, tell us about it in the comments. (I love how my office stairs are doubling as Pretty Book Backdrop. That’s multitasking!)

In other news, webmaster Mark has fixed the issue with Google Reader that was causing only the beginning of blog entries to show up. Any other issues with the new site, please keep letting us know! We’re doing our best to keep up with them.

Okay, gotta go drink more coffee, coax my kid into getting dressed and get myself ready to speak at Carrboro High today. Whew! Coffee first….