It’s a dirty little secret among writers, this thing of checking your page. It’s kind of like being obsessed with your stocks, and it’s completely unhealthy, so I’ve quit caring about it entirely.


If you must know, my numbers have never been superhigh. And that’s okay. There are a lot of Oprah books out there. What’s even more interesting to me, however, are the reader comments, where I get to hear straight from people who’ve chosen to read the books (unlike reviewers, who are often forced to) what they thought.

However, on this Dreamland page, two people wrote in comparing the book to Catcher in the Rye. Completely bizarre. I mean, I teach creative writing at a university. I have met students who truly believed they were the next Salinger. NOBODY would mistake me for this kind of person. I doubt Salinger ever spent fifteen bucks on MAC lipgloss, like I did yesterday. (I was having a bad day.)

Anyway. So I figure these entries are either a) a joke or b) the result of some school assignment. Either way, it’s a little strange. Almost as strange as the fact that yesterday I was at 35,000, today I am at 8,000. What does that mean? Is the book actually selling? God!

Like I said: I don’t care.