first of the year…

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Oh, right: Easter too. But for me, summer is OFFICIALLY here when I make the first deviled eggs of the year. This was much easier today, considering we’ve been dyeing eggs all week. I was drowning in hard boileds. It was like the universe commanded that I cut them up, mash the yolks with mayo, mustard, sweet relish, salt and pepper, and sprinkle them with paprika. And who am I to question the universe?

Of course, the universe is also responsible for the fact that my daughter has yet ANOTHER cold and was up every two hours last night. (She would have gotten up early anyway in anticipation of her Easter basket, but up at 4:30 and then not going back to sleep AT ALL is extreme even when there is candy involved.) So it’s been a bit of a blurry day for me, with the sleep deprivation and all. But still: EASTER! EGGS!

In other news, I’m busy prepping for my book release and tour. One thing I always do is buy a new pair of shoes. It’s become a tradition, good-luck kind of thing, but this year I am feeling VERY indecisive. Which is a another way of saying that I bought THREE pairs and have to pick one to be the Official Shoe of the What Happened To Goodbye Book Tour. I’ve been testing them out to try and decide. The other day, I wore these to Carrboro High:








They are cute and pretty comfortable, but a BIT casual with the whole espadrille thing. Then there’s these:








I fell in love with this pair the minute I saw them at Nordstrom. But I understand that they are 1) incredibly high 2) not all that comfortable, as not wedges, which I prefer and, if my husband is to be believed, 3) resemble stripper shoes. (My babysitter, hearing this, countered with, “No way. The heels aren’t clear!” Oh, okay.) Hopefully they are not stripper-esque, as I wore them to my mother in law’s for Easter lunch today. I had other clothes on as well, so maybe it’s hard to say, though?

Finally, there are these:








I know. These just…I love them. Love, love, love them. They aren’t that dressy either but they ARE wedges and I just love how they look. But I don’t think I could wear them with dresses. Could I? Oh, God, I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Clearly it is time to get my friend/fashion adviser Dana over here for an emergency consult.

Anyway. I still have 16 days until pub day to decide. And there’s also another shoe vote going on over on Sarah-land in case I have trouble making up my mind by then. Clearly, it takes a village to make me look like I know what I’m doing when it comes to clothes and shoes.

Okay, time to sign off so I can hang with my friends, eat deviled eggs, and TRY to keep my kid from overdosing on Peeps. My husband also told her when you put them in the microwave, cool things happen. I have already stated I WILL NOT be part of any of what might follow this statement. Not that it will stop them.

Have a good night, everyone!