two weeks to go…

until WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE is released! I realized this at about 1:30 this morning, when it hit me—with that sudden, Oh-my-God urgency you only feel at that hour, roused from sleep—how much I have left to do before I leave for book tour. YIKES! Today, though, I am choosing not to think about that. Why? Because I am in too much of a giving mood.













My publisher, Penguin, just sent me a couple of boxes of these awesome water bottles last week. So cute, right? But I can’t use them all myself (although I DO drink a ton of water. No joke, I’m like a camel or something.) Anyway, I’m going to give away 14 of them today—one for each day left until pub day!

To enter: leave a comment below. At 4pm EST today, I’ll pick the fourteen winners at random and notify them via email. Good luck!!

Have a good day, everyone!