Do you know what’s really weird about this? No, it’s not the picture of me, which, come to think of it, does look weirdly shaded, as if I am standing under a big tree or something. (I wasn’t.)

No. It’s the discussion questions. Now, I was an English major, which means that in my life I’ve been faced with a lot of essay prompts, the sort that are meant to make you Delve Deeper into the Meaning of the Work. However, it’s completely surreal to me that when I look at THESE questions, I have a complete moment of panic, thinking that I have no idea what the answers are. Like I’m in class, pen in hand, blue book open, frozen. Utterly blank, while everyone else is scribbling away. (This happened, sometimes, in college.)

These are fine questions. The woman that did this guide is very cool, and I know this because I talked to her on the phone. But still….I should know these answers! I wrote the book, for God’s sake!

You know you’ve reached a weird point in life when other people are better equipped at answering questions about your work than you are. Very strange…..