Not fair…

Okay, so I’m hearing that several folks have already gotten their pre-ordered copies of WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE. Which is not supposed to be happening. The pub date is May 10th and there’s what is called a lay-down, which means no one is supposed to sell it before then. So what’s the deal? I’m not sure. Just a mistake somewhere, but it still kind of stinks for everyone who has to wait for their copies. I WISH I could do something about this, I’ve contacted my publisher and they are on it, trying to figure out what’s going on. Just know we think it isn’t fair either.

Anyway. It’s been a night of wild weather here across the South, so much devastation. I’ve always been skittish when it comes to storms so the last couple of weeks, with the tornadoes that hit East of here, have been nerve-wracking to say the least. I feel so, so badly for everyone waking up to that kind of destruction today. Be grateful for everyone and everything you have.

In other news, I went back to my high school, Chapel Hill High, yesterday for my final visit to local high schools for National Library Month. It’s like a mini-tour, sort of  Charlie-Sheen esque, without all the crazy. Just me, trying out various book tour shoe options, reading a bit and doing a bunch of giveaways. I was trying to hit all these kids with REALLY hard trivia questions about my books, but invariably someone knew EVERY SINGLE ANSWER. Some examples:

1. How did Kristy from The Truth About Forever get her scars?

2. What’s the name of Owen’s radio show in Just Listen?

3. Finish this quote: “I don’t care what you call it. Call it —– ——.”

4. What was the name of Ashley’s high school boyfriend in That Summer?

5. What was Colie’s summer job in Keeping the Moon?

If you’re stumped, I’ll list the answers below, at the end of this entry. Personally I embarrassed myself at CHHS yesterday when I asked, “What was Scarlett’s baby named in Someone Like You?” and a girl answered, “Grace.” I said, “No.” Then I realized I was wrong. I WAS WRONG ABOUT MY OWN BOOK. I was thinking Halley. Oh, the shame. Luckily, at CHHS they already know I’m kind of a moron. It’s, like, documented in my transcripts. So it was all good.

Okay, I have to go back to obsessively watching the weather radar now. We’re under a tornado watch until noon. Be safe out there, everyone!








Answers to questions:

1. A car accident.

2. Anger Management

3. “chicken salad.”

4. Sumner.

5. Waitressing. Bonus points if you knew it was at the Last Chance Cafe!