The Five!

1. I can’t believe the Royal Wedding is tomorrow. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was gathered around the black and white set in Cape Cod with my mom at some ungodly hour, watching Diana kiss Charles on a balcony? It was at LEAST yesterday that I got up super early to cry myself blind on the couch watching Diana’s funeral. How is William somehow old enough to be MARRIED? Someone stop this crazy thing! Okay, okay, I’ll stop freaking out now. To be honest, I don’t have Royal Wedding fever this time around. I think it might just be overload of the news coverage. But I know a LOT of people who are getting up SUPER early to watch the ceremony. Since I am up most mornings before six anyway, I don’t even have to make special plans! Although it MIGHT be a challenge to convince my kid that this once in a lifetime event is more important than viewing Max and Ruby episodes we’ve seen a hundred times. Maybe if I tell her it involves princesses….

2. Tonight is Steve Carell’s final episode on The Office and I am so, so torn. I know it will be a great goodbye, but I SO don’t want Michael Scott to leave. The show has admittedly been up and down a bit this season but it’s still better than just about anything else on TV, and even though I KNOW the writers will come up with a great replacement—although no one can ever replace Michael, really—I fear it will just not be the same. Too many goodbyes this TV season, between Friday Night Lights and now this. It’s just so HARD. And…that’s what she said. *sniff* See, I’ll never be able to tell that joke again without thinking of him. EVER.

3. Upside of spring and summer: fresh spinach and chard from the garden, flowers on the deck, flip flops on my feet. Downside: THE POLLEN. Oh, my gracious. Everyone in my house is sniffling, coughing and grabbing tissues, and we are not even really allergy prone. You look out sometimes and just see this yellow haze in the air. Yikes. I know summer is a tradeoff. There are also bugs and sweat and sunburn. But: achoo! Here’s hoping whatever is blooming gets the worst of it out of its system and gives us all a break. Either that, or I am buying stock in Kleenex.

4. I wrote here already about how I went to all three local high schools this month to gear up for the new book release and celebrate National Library Month. It was so fun, and so…surreal. Especially going to my old school, Chapel Hill High School. I’ve been back there a fair amount to speak since I started publishing, but it’s always a bit of a head trip. It smells the same, and I’m standing in the same library where, during lunches my senior year, I cried in a carrel because I’d been dumped by my boyfriend. Oh, the shame! And don’t even get me started on driving past the parking lot where I spent more time than in any classroom. (I am truthful here, sorry.) One girl coming through the line yesterday said to me, “Do you miss this school?” and I said, “No.” Didn’t even have to think about it. Because really, I was just not a very happy person back then. It wasn’t the school’s fault, it was just how it was. Not everyone finds their stride in high school. Or even in college. Some of us are late bloomers. So if that’s you, hang in there. We all get where we need to be eventually. Really.

5. Okay, I KNOW I already posted this today but I just want to put it up so people can see it this weekend as well. It’s the commercial for WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE that my publisher will be running on TV before too long. Crazy, right? Here’s my dream: that I will be on the treadmill, at 6am, watching my shows on Bravo and see it. A long shot, but whatever. It would put me, like, one degree of separation from Bethenny Frankel. SQUEAL! I know, it’s a small dream. And kind of silly. But it’s all mine.

Have a good weekend, everyone!