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Okay, people. Today is the first of May. I can’t deny it anymore: the book release and tour are coming up SOON! Less than 10 days now. Gulp.

But also: HOORAY! And this dichotomy, my friends, pretty much sums up my life right now. I’m so excited for the book to come out, can’t wait for everyone to (finally) read it, am entirely pumped about getting out on the road and meeting my readers. But of course, at the same time, this means leaving my family for days at a time, which honestly makes my heart HURT. Used to be, leaving for tour was hard too, but I didn’t worry that my husband or dogs were going to wake up at 2am calling for me and not understand why I wasn’t there. OUCH! See what I mean: heart hurting. I would call my mom and tell her all this, if i didn’t already know what she’d say: “Welcome to motherhood.” So I will just put on my brave face, have faith my husband can handle any and all late night queries, and start getting my suitcase packed.

See what I mean?

In other news, there’s this:

That’s right: Dessen Racing had a WIN at CMP in South Carolina this weekend! That’s Evan, driver of the 118 car on the far right, celebrating with an adult beverage. Crew chief Christina—who is the one who does all the FB page and Twitter updates—is beside him, and next to HER is Driver X, also known as my husband. (Which is why is face is blurred. It was the only way I could get permission to put the shot up here!) The guy on the GROUND is the driver of the car who came in second, also known as The Best Sport in the Entire Universe. Now, Evan would say that I HAVE to tell you that he actually initially came in second, but then Best Sport in The Entire Universe was disqualified on a technicality. But a win is a win and I am SO PROUD of the entire team. Plus, our new T-shirts look awesome. By the next race, Evan’s car will have the WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE cover on it, and Driver X will get ALONG FOR THE RIDE. Out with the old, in with the…new release. And all that. (Breaking news: just got the update that Evan placed second in the race today, Sunday. Yes!)

Other than feeling heart pangs and cheering on the team, my weekend was all about the Royal Wedding and my chickens. I had planned to just DVR the wedding and catch the highlights, but then, Kate Middleton was walking down the aisle JUST as I got on the treadmill for my morning run. So I watched the entire ceremony while in motion. First time I can ever say I’ve done that, OR that I’ve worn workout clothes to a wedding. Luckily, they couldn’t see me. And I thought it was GREAT. I did feel badly, watching something so, well, trivial when there is so much pain and suffering in the news and world, especially the destruction of the tornadoes here in the South. But sometimes we all need a few minutes of joy. That’s not a bad thing. And this gave me, and about a billion others or whatever, just that. So sweet.

Here’s that dichotomy again: switching from the elegance of Kate Middleton in her gown to me in my Hunter boots, chasing our Buff Orpington chickens around the coop to make them go inside to roost for the night. Our Araucanas, the other breed, always all go in by themselves. They have attitude and do not want my help. The Buffs, though, are not the brightest bulbs in the box, so even if they ARE inside, they all come running out when they see me, then have to be rustled back in. So I’m out there, in the dark, chasing chickens, and thinking, “When did I become Pa Ingalls? I did not sign on for this!” But, as William and Kate will soon find out, marriage is about being a team. You do your part, then pick up the slack, wherever it lies. Which is sometimes, apparently, in the chicken coop.

Okay, I need to go make another checklist. And possibly breathe into a paper bag and/or do a happy dance. Could go either way.

Have a good night, everyone!