Here’s a question for the day: Can you be both ultra-conservative and repulsive at the same time? Apparently, in my case (or more correctly, in the case of Someone Like You ) the answer is yes.

…. someone like no one I know, September 24, 2001
Reviewer: A. E. Younger from Baton Rouge, LA USA
Someone Like You is an easy read, but the book promotes so many negative ideas about women that I found it hard to enjoy it. The book tries to portray female friendship, and does a fairly good job of that. But, the author severely punishes any character who has sex (fatal motorcycle accident, pregnancy) or even wants to have sex (car accident). Her regressive views on sex make this book more of a treatise on why sex is bad and should not happen outside of traditional marriage. Dessen also incorporates really negative messages about body image, which is particularly damaging for young women. She is a talented storyteller, but her ultra-conservative views render this novel repulsive.