One week to go!

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Okay, so it’s Tuesday, my book comes out in one week. But May isn’t just about my book, despite how self-centered and self-promoting this blog has become lately. (Bear with me, I have to make the donuts.  So to speak.) There are TWO big releases today that I, personally, have been looking forward to. First up is MOONGLASS, a debut novel by Jessi Kirby. I got the chance to read this a few months back, and it’s just one of those real girl’s voices that I LOVE. So much so that I blurbed it:















Also out today: my fellow Penguin author Susane Colasanti’s latest, SO MUCH CLOSER. She’ll be on tour starting TODAY, so look for her at a bookstore near you!














In other news, there has been a LOT going on in the world the last few days. I think I’m suffering from news whiplash, going from the tornadoes here in the South to the Royal Wedding to Bin Laden’s death. It’s crazy to me that back in 2001, when September 11th happened, Twitter didn’t even EXIST, and yesterday morning, that’s how I heard about the raid and his death. My friend Claudia, on Twitter, said it best: news moves fast. EVERYTHING moves fast these days. I guess all you can do it put on your seatbelt and hang on.

I have to tell you: just as I finished the paragraph above, I saw something just out the window to my right. It was a bubble, floating up through the air: apparently, my daughter has decided to go all Lawrence Welk this morning and turn on her bubble making machine. Now, they are EVERYWHERE, drifting off to my neighbor’s yard and the chicken coop. They move fast, too.

Have a good day, everyone!