The Five!

1. I woke up this morning to find an email in my inbox from Borders with a huge picture of my cover on it AND links to my videos and an excerpt. Whoa! Much better than the beeping of an alarm. One of the videos I’ve already posted here, but the other I shot in my office a few weeks back, talking about summer reading recommendations. Of course, all I notice as I watch this is the pile of what LOOKS like laundry on the counter behind me. I promise you, it is not. Just T-shirts I was getting ready to mail. I’m not THAT messy. At least, in my office.

2. In other book news, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for signed books from folks who don’t live anywhere near where I’m coming on tour. This has always been a bit complicated: for awhile I had people send books and SASEs, but that was time consuming on both ends. Then I tried to do bookplates, but kept losing requests before I could mail them out. Today, though, I went over and met with the very cool folks at my local independent bookstore, Flyleaf Books, right here in Chapel Hill, to try and work out a way for people to order books from them that I will then get by to personalize. We’re still figuring out the details, but once I have them, you will find them here first. Support a local business AND get a signed book? It’s a win-win! Gotta love those.

3. Speaking of books, I just finished listening to Tina Fey’s memoir BOSSYPANTS on audiobook, and it was so freaking fantastic. I have always loved her but now I want to, like, meet her for lunch, agonize about parenting and work with her, and be her best friend forever (although I think Amy Poehler already nabbed that spot). It’s a GREAT book, hilarious, and she’s just so open and honest about her neurosis and worries. I especially appreciated everything she had to say about motherhood, which is so timely with Mother’s Day this weekend. I loved it so much I am going to buy copies of the actual book for just about everyone I know. If you are taking a trip and need something to listen to, RUN do not WALK to get this audiobook. (Or, if you’re getting it from Audible or iTunes, click VERY QUICKLY. You get what I mean.) Now I am on to Rob Lowe’s memoir, STORIES I ONLY TELL MY FRIENDS. Do you think there will be something in there about his rocking saxophone and mullet from St. Elmo’s Fire? God, I hope so.

4. One of the great things about summer—and you know, for me, there are a LOT of them—is that our garden is now really coming in. Oh, my goodness. We have gorgeous spinach, and broccoli, romaine and butter lettuce. Pair it with local eggs from the folks right down the street and stuff from the Farmer’s Market (which is also rocking right now) and I am having trouble thinking about ANYTHING but food. Which is difficult when I remember I will be wearing a bathing suit in front of my friends and family in about a month. It’s always something….to eat. Sigh.

5. Finally, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Used to be I thought of this day as one to buy my mom a card, some flowers, say thanks for having and raising me. Now that I know what a tough job being a parent is I want to, like, bow down to her with admiration. Man. I thought being a waitress/UNC lecturer/working writer was tough, but nothing has been like this. But it’s like they used to say in those Army commercials: “The toughest job you’ll ever love.” Today, when I picked my kid up from preschool, she had a little bread warmer she’d made for me for Mother’s Day. You know the drill: a little clay circle with her name and hand print, which you’re supposed to heat up and use to keep your bread warm in the basket. As IF! That thing is TOTALLY going on my desk, right next to my mouse, as soon as I can stop weeping over it. Remember when you made jankey ashtrays/picture frames/keyfobs for your parents, and thought they were so nice to act like they were such a big deal? Here’s the thing: they weren’t acting. At least, I’m not. I will keep this bread warmer FOREVER. Yesterday, she was this little infant sputtering in my arms. Now she’s a big girl making things at school. Oh, I have to stop now before I sob all over my keyboard. The upshot of this long, emotional entry: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you.

Have a good weekend, everyone!