I haven’t done an entry for a while, for two reasons. One, I have been swamped with things to do from my other job, which has kept me awash in student papers and academic-ish commitments. (It says something about my current brain state that this last sentence contained something that is not even a real word.) The other reason is that nothing is really happening, books-wise. This is the strange lull between my end of editing The New Book (more to come on that later) and when it is actually going to be released, next summer. So I’m left to twiddle my thumbs and let all the anxiety about reviews/reaction/what everyone I know will think and whether they’ll tell me the truth anyway/ for another, oh, eight months or so. Wonderful.

Well, there is one little bit of upcoming news I can plug. Dreamland, my fourth novel, will be released in paperback in February, 2002. Which means it will probably be much more available at your local bookstore, and for less money as well.

I know, that’s not very exciting. I’m telling you, it’s a bit of a lull here. But I do my best.