Happy Mother’s Day!

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It’s Sunday, Mother’s Day AND Graduation at UNC. A lot going on around these parts, and that’s not even counting the ongoing drone of the cicadas. Or, as my husband is referring to it, “the end of days soundtrack.” Seriously, it is pretty creepy. Sort of like a car alarm, sort of like a spaceship landing, just the kind of hum that you can’t ignore no matter WHAT you do. Want to hear it? Click here. *shudder*

To make all this even CRAZIER, not only are they humming, they are also leaving their shells everywhere to crunch under your feet when you walk. Unfortunately, my dog Coco finds these shells delicious and won’t stop eating them. Desperate and panicky internet research has confirmed that they won’t hurt her, but man: disgusting. Of course, none of this is helped by my husband continually standing on the deck, shaking his head, and saying ominous things like, “They’re coming for us.” I mean, honestly.

Time to change the subject.

Hey, did you know I have a new book coming out on Tuesday? You didn’t? Really? Oh…you’re kidding. Yeah, the publicity has been pretty fast and furious these last few days and it’s just going to get nuttier. Personally, I am preparing by obsessing over my dog ingesting cicada shells, stress-eating chocolate and doing other necessary prep. Like helping Evan’s race car get ready!









And by “helping,” I of course mean going out to lunch with him and Christina while the sticker set. Hey, it’s tough work being a sponsor! All joking aside, I’m really excited to see the cover on the car. Nothing like a girl’s butt in Levi’s to really bring the win, right? That’s what we’re hoping, anyway.

In other book release news, two things. First, I’m revamping my official Facebook Page, which can now be reached by the super easy address of facebook/sarahdessenbooks. I’ve had the page awhile, but have been juggling both it AND my old personal profile, which I’d long ago maxed out at 5000 friends. Which made things difficult, since every time I wanted to LIKE something (such as, say, my own race team) I had to delete somebody. Which made me feel jerky, and who needs that? So from now on, all posts, links to blogs and everything else will be solely on the Page, which you can reach via the link above. If you’d LIKE me there, I’d love it. But, you know, no pressure.

Also on the book front, I’ll be doing a chat with Borders on Facebook tomorrow night, Monday, at 6pm EST. It will take place here. I have never done a Facebook chat and am just hoping I can keep up. All I know is that I STINK at Gchat, which does not bode well. (My friends love it, though, so I keep trying.) I will do my best, anyway.

Finally, in book news, if you haven’t had enough of my pre-pub day neurosis, you can read this post I wrote for the Omnivoracious blog.

Whew! Okay, that’s all from me about the book. At least, you know, for now.

Finally, I want to wish all moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day. Personally, mine has been great so far. I got to sleep in, talk to my own mom, then finger paint and play with my daughter all morning before having lunch with my husband. Tonight, we’re having pizza for dinner (my favorite!). In honor of the day, I’m going to put up one of my favorite pictures of my mom, here with me and my brother. I was maybe 18th months, which would make him almost 5.  I would like to point out that my mom knit the sweater she is wearing herself. How cool is that?







Have a good evening, everyone!