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Hello from Denver, CO, where it is….well, raining. But no matter! I’m still excited and so happy to be here. I mean, mountains! Come on!

So far, the book release has just been so awesome, and I have all of you to thank for it. I can’t tell you how great it was to be following everyone on Twitter as they got the book on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who posted pictures of their books, and the displays at the stores. It was like I was there! Personally, I had a typical pub day, full of emotions and excitement. Of course, my daughter could care less about such things, so there was also finger painting and a tantrum, but no matter. And my publisher sent flowers!











I spent most of the day trying NOT to have panic attacks from various things, such as 1) leaving my daughter at preschool (which I do all the time, hello!) 2) packing my suitcase (I brought too many shoes) and 3) the fact that everyone now had my book and was reading it. Deep breaths helped. As did copious amounts of chocolate. And then, it was time to go to the launch at the Regulator, where my awesome assistant Parker was waiting for me:






If you’ve ever sent an email to my website or left a message on Facebook or done ANYTHING on Sarah-land, most likely you’ve dealt with Parker. She is a rock star! Plus, she took pictures for me while I read and answered questions. Like this one:






I had SUCH a great crowd, full of readers and family and friends. And, as eagle-eyed readers of this blog noticed when I put this picture on Twitter, I am wearing what my husband termed my “stripper shoes,” because they were also, FAR AND AWAY, the favorites when I ran that contest here on which shoes I should take with me. I know they look crazy high, but actually: pretty comfortable. Who knew?

Then, the next morning bright and early, I was off to Denver, trying NOT to think about the sad look on my daughter’s face as I drove away. SOB! It’s still haunting me, but of course now she is totally over my leaving. Truth: Daddy is the fun one. We all  know it, as much as I hate to admit it.

Once I got to the airport and through security, I went into the one small gift shop in the ancient terminal A at RDU to get some flight snacks. They had only a few books, and mine was one of them. YES!











Every time I see my books in an airport bookstore I freak out, to be honest. Mostly because I can remember when I’d go into EVERY one at every terminal and they were never there. I SO wanted to get airport status!

Then it was off to Denver, where apparently, it is sunny 300 days of the year. (I learned this fact courtesy of a painted cow on the street, FYI.) Yesterday and today, though, have not been two of them. But no matter! I had a great time at the Boulder Bookshop last night, where I got to watch the crowd arriving:











Interesting fact: moments after taking this picture, I almost fell down the stairs and/or sprained my ankle in my book tour shoes. Luckily, disaster was averted. And I say luckily because, among other reasons, I NEVER would have heard the end of it from my mother in terms of I Told You Sos. Whew!

Tonight, I’m at the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch, CO at 7pm. Tomorrow it’s on to Salt Lake and The King’s English. Want to see more details? Check out my appearance and tour schedule.

Finally—I know this entry has been crazy long, sorry—one final link. I wrote a piece I wrote for Chick Lit Is Not Dead about five things I recommend doing, and one I’d do over. Not an easy assignment! But it’s never a bad thing to look back and think about what you’ve learned, right? You can check it out here.

Before I go, I want to say again how much I appreciate ALL the support—comments, Tweets, emails, pictures, EVERYTHING—you guys have given me this week. You are the best.

Have a good night, everyone!