Today is Thanksgiving, that holiday in which we all eat lots of turkey, then loosen our belts (or thank God for elastic waistbands) and fall asleep in front of the football game in the middle of the day. Ahhhhhhh.

Obviously, this is a year we all have a lot to be thankful for. September 11th has given new meaning to the very word, but I won’t dwell on that so much here because I know it will be covered, better, in other places. (Can you tell I’m not writing these days? It’s like that part of my brain, the quasi-eloquent part, is in sleep mode.)

I am grateful for many things. Like my family, all of you, those here and far flung. Not to play favorites, but I am especially grateful for my little nephew, who is pretty much hanging the moon for me these last few days. I’m grateful for the health and safety of everyone I care about. For my dogs, and my husband, not necessarily in that order. (Snort!) I’m grateful that I have a new book coming out, that I’ve had good students this semester, and that, having paid of my credit card, I no longer have to promise my firstborn to Citibank. (A joke. Sort of.) And I’m grateful that I’m making the mashed potatoes this year, which is my very favorite part of Thanksgiving. Gotta leave a few lumps in, you know. Too smooth and it’s just not right.

I’m also making an apple pie for the first time. Yikes. Even with expert guidance (Thanks Caroline!) I’m a little nervous. Maybe I’ll take a picture if it turns out well, IF I can ever figure out how to post pictures here. (I’m missing some crucial step, I think.)

So. That’s where we stand on this turkey day. Some very big lows, but life goes on. Lumps and all. Now go eat!