Good morning…

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…from Dallas, where, armed with more free time than I’ve had in ages (and a lot of coffee) I am attacking my To Do lists and email inbox with shock and awe. Watch out! Also, my hands are shaking. They make strong coffee here in Texas, apparently. Better switch to water.

I was supposed to fly out here yesterday afternoon, after enjoying a leisurely morning packing and hanging out with my kid. Instead, I got a text at 5:45 am telling me my flight had been canceled, which meant calling the airline, being on hold for ages, then finally getting rebooked for an flight that was leaving in a couple of hours. Did I mention I had not packed? It was total chaos. Add in the fact that I was packing not only for my speech today at the Dallas Museum of Art at 3pm (ticket details here) but also for BEA in New York, and the panic level went from high to off the charts. Of course, my daughter was helping, which was….well, helpful in its own way. She kept adding things to my suitcase (pillows, dog toys, various flatware) which I then struggled to remove when she wasn’t looking while trying to remember all of MY stuff. I was successful, but not entirely. Which, as I unpacked here yesterday, turned to be a good thing, as SuzyBoopie (yes, that is her name) ended up making the trip with me:

I haven’t actually HAD a stuffed animal in awhile, but having company in the hotel room has actually been kind of nice. Three year olds know best, apparently.

Last night, I went out with my friend Rose to a local Tex-Mex place, Chuy’s, where I had a dish called the Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom. (And, if you’re like me, you can’t hear that without adding, “Will there be enough room, one-two-three up the coconut tree?” On repeat, forever.) It was delicious and EXACTLY the kind of food I was craving. Then it was back here to the hotel, where I literally went to bed at about 8:45. I am banking sleep the way I did when I was pregnant. We’ll see if it works this time.

Tonight, after my speech, I fly out to New York and get ready for BEA. For those of you attending the conference, I’ll be speaking at the Children’s Breakfast on Tuesday morning, then signing from 10-11am at Table 19. Following THAT, I’ll be outside the Javits Center, handing out Whoopie Pies with the Dessen-decorated NYC Sweetery truck.

If you’re NOT going to BEA, I’m reading at the Barnes and Noble in Carle Place, NY tomorrow night, Monday, at 7pm. I will come armed with trivia questions (new ones!) and some swag to give away (t-shirts! water bottles!). I will also probably be a nervous wreck with my big speech the next morning. But there, and everywhere, I am trying to follow this good advice I spied on a snack kiosk as I dashed through RDU to my gate on Saturday:

I promise not to inundate you guys with my crazy stress about this speech here. Okay, I promise to TRY. Also I will try to keep my anxiety/excitement/general neurosis off of Twitter and Facebook as well. What I can guarantee is that by the end of this week, I will be back at home and out of your face for awhile. Really!

Have a great day, everyone!