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All right, so it’s not technically June as I write this. But so close!! May was honestly, kind of a blur (the good kind, but still fuzzy around the edges). But June is the beach, and my birthday, and my eleven year wedding anniversary (whoa!) and a few more tour stops and ALA and, and….

…but now I am getting ahead of myself. Which I’m prone to doing, these days. Being home usually helps me to feel present but honestly I still feel like part of me is catching up from all the excitement and traveling. I think I left half my brain at a Marriott in Omaha. I mean, a week ago I was at BEA, having just given one of the biggest speeches of my life. This morning at the same time, I was at the playground, watching my daughter climb the big slide steps all by herself. Life moves fast, as Ferris Bueller said. Whew.

(Speaking of my speech, I posted the link to the video of it this weekend, but if you missed it AND care, you can see it here. And now I will shut up about it forever. Really.)

Thankfully, this past weekend was all about being present, and summer and, um, EATING. Yay! I made bean salad AND deviled eggs (two of my specialties) and they turned out great. Personally, I think this was because I was wearing an incredibly cool Wish Catering apron readers Dianna and Ashton brought to my event in Pittsboro on Thursday night. My friend Evan snapped this pic, which looks like something out of a cooking magazine. He should really style photo shoots when he’s not racing cars:

Thanks to Dianna and Ashton, and to EVERYONE else who brought me letters, cards, chocolate, tote bags and retractable Sharpies. At last count, my Sharpie stash numbered over 25. I will never be without one again! You guys are the best.

You know who else is the best? Laurie Halse Anderson. First, she’s an amazing writer. Also, incredibly cool person. AND she is doing this great fundraiser to help raise money for the storm victims in Joplin, MO. Are you a struggling writer? Have a work in progress or completed and want feedback? Enter her contest for a chance to win a manuscript critique FROM LAURIE HERSELF! All the details are here, and you can enter until midnight PST TONIGHT, Tuesday. Good luck!

Finally, a mystery. (Say it with me: OOOOOOOOH. Or, you know, don’t. That’s fine too.) Back in March, when I was up in New York hearing all the plans for WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE, I got an early copy of the book. The jacket looked a little different than the ones I’d previously seen. It had a pink tinge and you could see the background image better, whereas the previous one had been a bit more white.


What Happened to Goodbye cover<——-Original jacket

<——-new jacket

Different, right? Not bad or good, or worse or better, but I do like pink, I have to say. Anyway, my editor explained that when the original jackets came in, she thought they didn’t have enough “pop” (that’s a publishing term, don’t ask me what it means, exactly) so they added the pink for contrast. As I said, I like pink, so I liked it. But then, as I began doing signings, I noticed something. Some books did have the pink pop cover…but many did not. Including, actually, my own author copies. Also, for some reason, the non-pink pop ones (also known as white background) were often a different print run number, 2 as opposed to one. (You can tell what edition the book is by the row of numbers on the copyright page. Whatever is the lowest number, that’s the run they are on. I think that’s how it goes, anyway.) Does this mean that they went BACK to the white after the initial pink pop? (Can you tell I like writing that, pink pop?) Or released the early ones second, after the newer pink? I meant to ask my editor and the folks at Penguin about this, but in the blur of BEA of course I did not. So I’ve just been paying attention when I see the book out in stores to see which version is there. Maybe the pink will become a rarity, and therefore more valuable? Like I said: MYSTERY!

Anyway. I’m off to try (try) yet again to get caught up on the things that I fell behind on during the last month. Like laundry, email, grocery shopping, sleep, errands, Bravo TV and breathing. Not necessarily in that order. I have a bit of time off for the beach, but the tour is not over yet! Part Two begins on June 16th, when I’ll be at Politics and Prose in MD, and continues June 17th at the Blue Willow Bookshop at the Refuge in Houston, TX. Then I’ll be BACK here in Chapel Hill for a hometown event at Flyleaf Books (with the Dessen Racing cars!) on June 20th. Then it’s ALA in New Orleans and…well, then I’m really done. Except for, um, events in Cape Cod in July and Asheville, NC in August. Oh, and a couple of book festivals in the fall. And Toronto in September! And….

…okay. I’m doing it again. Signing off now before I get myself in my head to Christmas. Honestly.

Have a good day, everyone!