Okay, so it must be noted that I have finally uploaded a user picture. (See above, that’s me, taking a picture of myself. How solipsistic can you get?) It is just too humiliating to go into why it took me so long, other than to say I was having problems shrinking down my picture. Again, I am a bit in the moron category when it comes to this computer stuff.

In tinkering with my livejournal settings I also went to my info page, where I saw I was listed as the friend of several people, even some who are NOT related to me. (They are, in fact, friends of Ben , which means they might as well be friends of mine, since we have that whole cousin-karmic-connection thing going on.)

However, under my own Friends, I have none listed. There is a reason for this, which is that although I know I am not some huge web draw by any means, I do have a certain number of people who come to this site because they’ve read my books. And I’m just not sure that all the people whose journals I read—daily, in some cases—want their lives to be accessible that way as well. Just wanted to clear that up. Did you care? Probably not. But I feel better. Again, solipsistic. Yeah, I know. Go look it up!