Catching up…

In Blog

…or, um, trying to. Re-entry from vacation is always a bit bumpy, but factor in that I’m going away again on Thursday, and it’s like chaos in overdrive. BUT: totally worth it. The beach was great, and now I get to go back on the road for the book, which is always fun, if hectic. I’ve posted an updated list of my upcoming appearances here, with more info to be added later about the fall stops as I get it. I have to say, while I am excited about ALL these events, I am super pumped for Flyleaf Books here in Chapel Hill on June 20th. First, because it’s been ages since there’s been an independent bookstore in Chapel Hill proper (not counting the awesome Bull’s Head, which is on campus), and this is a really, really good one. Also, we’ll have the race cars there, which should be hilarious and so fun. The cars head to Road Atlanta this weekend, then return just in time to get washed up and pretty for the bookstore event. I can only hope I will be able to do the same. Somehow.

In other news, today I finished my latest audiobook, Rob Lowe’s STORIES I ONLY TELL MY FRIENDS, which was, really, amazing. Seriously. Regardless of what you know about Rob Lowe (and I grew up with him and his movies, so I know a lot) this is a great listen and the fact that he reads it himself? Makes it even better. I even put The Outsiders on my Netflix queue because I was so excited to see it again after hearing about his experiences as Soda Pop. Win!

Today on Twitter, someone asked me—jokingly, I think—if I’d ever had an ulcer. I guess my crazy stress is palpable. Sorry! But honestly, I think in six months I’ll look back on May and June of this year and wonder where it all went. So much is happening, I’m carrying a crinkled legal pad page around covered with Things to Do. Laundry is everywhere, needing to be washed or folded or just dealt with. My babysitter schedule involves NASA-like precision and attention. It’s like everything is a blur…until it isn’t. Like today, when I was at Whole Foods with my daughter, sitting in a booth while she ate eggs and cheese grits, and she said, “Let’s play I Spy!” So we did. And even in the hectic chaos, everything stopped long enough for me to take a bite of eggs, spy something red with my little eye, and just BE. Ahhhh, that was nice. I think it need to try to do it more often.

But now I have to cook dinner. Oh, well….

Have a good night, everyone!