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And I do mean quickly, because in order to write this I have given my daughter the hose to play with on the deck and let me tell you, no good can come of it. Right now she is blasting the window beside me: next, she’ll be after the dogs. Warp speed blogging time!

Quick reminder: I leave tomorrow for not one but TWO bookstore appearances. Tomorrow night, Thursday, I’ll be at the Bethesda Library in MD with Politics and Prose Bookshop, 5pm. Details are here. Then, Friday at 7pm, I’m at the Refuge with Blue Willow Bookstore in Houston, TX. Details are here.

Oh, my goodness. She’s seriously flooding the window now. I feel like I’m in the car wash. Maybe I should put on some techno?

What else, what else…well, I am sort of packed, sort of ready to hit the road again. Preparations were delayed today by an unexpected trip to the ER to check on my cousin, who broke her wrist at work. She is fiercely independent and, when leaving the message telling me this, told me under no circumstances was I to come to be with her. I, of course, ignored this and went anyway. Nobody should be alone in the ER. That’s just wrong. Turns out she broke two bones and will need a splint and then a cast, which is a total drag but it could have been much worse. Life just cannot be dull around here. It is not allowed! If you’ve read What Happened to Goodbye, though, you know what I mean when I say that this cousin of mine has been, more than once, my two a.m. So I was more than happy, honored even, to be there for her at 3:30pm.

Okay, my daughter is now wiping the window with a towel, pretending to clean the house. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all. Career training! Still, I think I better go. Hope to see some of you in DC and TX!!!

Have a good night, everyone!