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So about a week and a half after returning from ALA, I am FINALLY getting back into my old routine. I’m still yawning more than I’d like, and my dry cleaning bills were OUTRAGEOUS, but I took off my last manicure for awhile and bought a new pair of black slim Havaianas. Feeling more like myself (my home self, not Writer On Tour self) every day. I’ve been spending my days catching up with my daughter, going through potato chip/mini bar nut mix withdrawl, and trying to process where, exactly, May and June went. Also, there’s the Tour de France (with which my husband is obsessed) Celebrity Rehab (with which I am obsessed) AND a new Marina has popped up on the Fresh Beat Band. Just like that! It’s  totally different actress, playing the same part. Are we not supposed to notice? Was Marina 1.0 just a dream? These are the questions I am currently mulling.

I’ve also been keeping up with the ongoing kerfuffle about the Wall Street Journal article about the “dark” trends in today’s YA. Today both the author of that article, Meghan Cox Gurdon, and bestselling author Maureen Johnson were both on NPR’s Radio Times to continue the discussion. I was excited to hear this, especially since I had a babysitter and so did NOT have to bribe my daughter with a lollipop (or seven) to keep her quiet while I listened. Even more fun was following the live tweeting of all the OTHER YA authors I follow as it was happening. I decided to seriously multitask and listen to the program, tweet my reactions AND eat a regular chicken burrito from Carrburritos, all at once. This is the downside of coming off of book tour. You are so used to doing a million things at once you CAN’T STOP. But anyway. I think the upshot is that it is NEVER a bad thing for us as readers, authors, parents and publishers to be discussing what teens are going through. Agree, disagree. At least we are talking. It was Martin Luther King who said, “Our lives begin the end the day we become silent about things that matter.” And it was Laurie Halse Anderson who tells all of us to “speak up!” Done.

In other news, it’s been pretty much madness around here. My cousin had wrist surgery (it went well, she’s improving by the day, but still, no picnic), we have the LOUDEST rooster (our neighbors hate us, I’m pretty sure) and I didn’t see a single firework on Fourth of July. What is up with that? Thank goodness I DID make deviled eggs and bean salad, as well as helped with a big low country boil. Maybe I’ll grab a pack of sparklers for a make-up date sometime soon. I am learning that you don’t have to (and often can’t) do things entirely perfectly or even by the book. The chaos of the last couple of months has forced me to be present, something yoga, meditation and even copious amounts of chocolate could NEVER do. Weird, right? But I’m just happy to be here.

Finally, big news over at Dessen Racing, where Evan, the driver of the WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE car, had a first place finish this past weekend in Charlotte. As he and crew chief Christina say (and taught my daughter to say, on repeat): “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!” We were so excited and proud for him and thank everyone who was cheering him on via Twitter along with us. They are going to be doing more t-shirt giveaways over on their Facebook page, including some signed copies of the new book, so if you haven’t checked it out, you should! I will continue to let you know about giveaways as well. I really want to do one here…once I stop yawning. Which will hopefully happen soon.

I hope that all of YOU are enjoying your summer so far. Here in Chapel Hill, it’s hot and quiet. Town is dead, most folks at the beach or elsewhere. Parking is ample, everyone moves slowly, and the fireflies come out right before I go to bed. I have a little bit of time before we head up to Cape Cod for our annual family vacation, and I’m just savoring being home, home, home. Even if it DOES mean a rooster crowing before sunrise. Aren’t they supposed to WAIT until it’s light? Are ours just stupid? Or stubborn? Oh, too much to think about. I’m going to go sit over an A/C vent and drink some lemonade.

Have a good night, everyone!