I’ve been pretty much amazed at the number of emails I’ve gotten from readers since my website went up in June. Before I’d get a bunch of letters, forwarded through my publisher, every few months or so. But now, I’ve heard from so many people and so many places that it really boggles the mind. I never used to think that anyone actually read my books, other than my family and friends. (I still think it’s this group, though, buying the bulk of the copies. I have a huge family. HUGE.)

I’ve put bits and pieces of emails up here, ones that are funny or weird or downright odd. I do get a few, however, that are so personal that I’d never put them up in the public domain. But to those of you who have written me sharing your own experiences, please know how much I appreciate it, and how flattered I am that you found something in my books that felt like home to you. I am very lucky to do what I do.