The Five!

1. Yes, it’s back! I know I’ve been slack about The Five for awhile now, mostly because I was traveling so much I rarely knew where I was, much less what day I was updating, if I could at all. But now I am home and I KNOW it is Friday, so here I am. We are in serious dog-days here right now. It’s hot, big storms in the afternoon (my kid loves the puddles) town is still dead, and it’s blissfully quiet. Especially since a couple of days back, my husband and his friend Colin rounded up four of our five roosters and relocated them. I don’t mean “relocated” like on the Sopranos. They literally chased them down, put them in a crate, and took them up the road to a farm where they’d have room to run around and would not bother as many folks with their crowing and sparring. (It was getting nasty out there in the coop run: too much testosterone!) My daughter was crushed when she noticed their absence, but somewhat appeased when we drove up to visit them and saw them all running around in a MUCH bigger field, puffing out their chests at the new competition. Now we just have to let the remainders recover and hope they start laying soon. Fingers crossed!

2. Big day for me yesterday: one of my babysitters casually mentioned that she had recently discovered 90210 via reruns on SoapNet. Because she was A MERE BABY WHEN IT WAS ON. Oh, man am I old. Anyway, I tried to control myself but think I kind of scared her with a sudden burst of excitement and quoting. I was all like, “I hate you both, never speak to me again!” and “I chose me!” and “Donna Martin graduates!” Also I MIGHT have confessed to having a Luke Perry poster in my bathroom. When I was in my twenties. My babysitters all already think I am kind of crazy, but if that was not the case, this would have capped it. It will be hard for me not to pounce on her to demand more details about what seasons she’s seen next time she is over. But I’ll do my best. Sigh…

3. In book news (remember book news?) I can finally confirm the time and date for the appearance I’ll be doing while I’m in Cape Cod. It’s Friday, July 22nd at 4pm at Eight Cousins Bookshop in Falmouth, MA. You can see full details here. After that, my next event will be in Asheville, NC at Malaprops Bookstore on Wednesday, August 3rd at 7pm. Both of these events are happening because I’ll be in the area for other, non-book related things (family vacation and 40th b-day celebration of good friend, respectively) so I MAY be a bit more casual. Which is to say flip-flops instead of book tour shoes. Although I will TRY to clean up nice (as we say around here) for you all.

4. Now that I’m settling back in, I’m finding all kinds of fun stuff I accumulated while on tour. Like all the wonderful notes people gave me, and the retractable Sharpies (which I am still marveling at, regularly, they are awesome!) as well as necklaces and knitted hats (matching, for me and Sasha) chocolate and bookmarks. I have the best readers, I swear. Also came across this poster that I kept from BEA. It was at my signing line, where I went directly after the Breakfast speech, basically one of the biggest professional events of my life. I’d met Julianne Moore! Did not pass out during my speech! And was on a high! But then:

Yes, that IS my name spelled wrong just above my book cover. DRESSEN. Story of my life! People always want to put an R in my name, I have no idea why. So I am continually Desser, or Dressen, or Dresser. Even when the actual spelling is often RIGHT below. Oh, well. It was still a great day. Sometimes I think the universe just gives me a quick pop on the head, just to make sure I don’t get to full of myself. Take that, Dressen!

5. Finally, I had to laugh today when I saw that my friend Claudia (who I used to babysit for when she was a kid, and now often babysits for my daughter) was working the sidewalk sale at the VERY same mall where I worked the summer after I graduated high school. I was employed by Stride Rite and got fired during that sidewalk sale, an experience that was pretty miserable at the time, but later provided good material for my first novel, That Summer. In the book, Haven throws a shoe at a rude customer. In real life, my crochety boss blew up at me for asking why I was working thirty-plus hours a week when I was supposed to be strictly part time. He yelled, I walked out and cried in my car. First time I’d EVER been fired or quit (it’s still not clear to me which happened: I think it was a mix of the two). Ah, growing up. That’s the great thing about my job. I get to take rotten things that happened and re-live them, adding the stuff I WISH I had done. Like throwing things at people, apparently. Oh, Dressen! You’re so crazy!

Have a good weekend, everyone!