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If you’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit AWOL from the internet this weekend, this is the reason:

Actually, the reason is the bolt of lightning that HIT our phone line, knocking the phone box off the house and this DSL filter off our main phone. YIKES! It struck a tree right outside our house, shaking everything (my nerves included). Also hit: my friend’s car, parked right near the tree, and our electric chicken fence. My modem, router, and all the phones: totally fried. Satellite receivers: most likely gone too, although we’re not sure because the main switch got blown and has yet to be replaced. Surge protectors were on everything (thank goodness) but if it was connected to a phone line, it went anyway. Now we’re just waiting for the phone company to come out and get things running again. When I initially called, they said because it was an inside issue (??) and I wasn’t paying a monthly fee for inside maintenance, it would be next weekend before they could get to me. Now they are saying they’ll do it when they can. All I can say is that clearly, the universe was not going to trust me to unplug on my own, so Mother Nature did it for me. Thank you?

Luckily, I know folks who are generous with their internet, which is why I’m able to at least do this. And it could have been SO much worse. The tree that got hit is huge: if it had fallen on the house, we’d really have a problem. Also my husband had just come in from grilling before the strike. One place you do NOT want to be standing at a time like that is next to a big metal structure. For these and lots of other reasons, I am counting my blessings. Although I have to say, if the receiver that had all my episodes of the Real Housewives is shot, I may shed a tear. I am only human, after all.

In other news, I think I’ve mentioned this already, but is this not the buggiest summer EVER? Granted, I do live in the country. We know from bugs here. But even with that, I feel like it’s like an 24/7 buffet for the insects these days. I have so many bites and some of them are HUGE. They strike at night, I swear, and you wake up scratching. The other morning I had a big bite on my neck that was itching all day like crazy. It was sort of vampire-like, but not in a sexy, Twilight kind of way, unfortunately. If Robert Pattinson was biting me, I’d feel differently, but as it is, I am getting serious with my flyswatter and bug spray. Predators, you have been warned.

The upside to having to replace a lot of stuff is that I am REQUIRED to go to Target and Best Buy, places where I love to go. (Although I’d rather go for fun, but you know, you take what you can get.) Anyway, at Target yesterday I was walking through the book section and saw I was in VERY good company. That’s what I love about YA and being an author. I can always see my friends!

Okay, so Judy Blume is not EXACTLY my friend. But she has tweeted me before. No, really! I swear!!

Now, I’m off to get my internet fix for as long as my kid is distracted by the toys here at my mom’s house. She’s already looking a bit bored. Uh-oh….

Have a good day, everyone!