The Five!

1. Okay, so I am back online with (just about) everything up and running. If I ever doubted that I had a bit of an, um, addiction to the internet (or maybe just a heavy dependence) this little nature-imposed hiatus made it clear. I missed everything! Twitter, Google News, Facebook….oh, man. The list goes on and on. But now that I HAVE been away, I think I will be less obsessed about checking everything, able to be more present and unplug much more. No, really. Really! Okay, I don’t think so either. It was worth a shot.

2. People: tonight is the SERIES FINALE of Friday Night Lights on NBC. Oh, man. I have actually already seen it (multiple times) which will not at ALL stop me from watching again as it happens, with a big box of tissues. It’s that good. Also, my husband is not a fan of the show, nor are a lot of my friends. They just don’t Get It, despite my evangelical-like belief in spreading the word. So you guys, who read this, and Tweet about it, and love it as much as I do? You are my people. And I want to watch it with you, so we can shut this whole thing (sob!) down together. I’m already verklempt. I will try not to clog your Twitter feed and be quiet during the show, but I make no promises after the credits roll. And did you hear the show AND Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler got nominated for Emmys, finally? Justice is served!!!! Okay, I’ll take a breath now…

3. If you read this, you know I am a total dork. But in case you needed MORE proof, here’s what I got so freaking excited about today:

I made this today. Me! All by myself! It was my second attempt, after my daughter had pleaded for a balloon animal since seeing one in WHEN YOU GIVE A PIG A PARTY. I was pretty sure I was NOT going to make this happen, so we hit this great local party store, Balloons and Tunes, to look for an alternative. I was hoping to maybe tape some small balloons together or something. But then the woman who owns it said, “Oh, we have those twisty kind you make animals with.” I was like, “Um, I don’t think I can do that.” She said it was easy, just go to You Tube and watch a couple of videos. Still not sure, I came home and did just that. And I DID IT. Oh, my goodness. You know when you’ve had, like a really bad week followed by a SUPER bad day, and you just need one thing to turn it around? This little blue dog is that one thing. I am now working on hats and a giraffe. Stay tuned!

4. Just reading over #3 above, all I can picture is the faces of my editor and agent, and what they would say if they read it. “Oh, my God,” I picture them groaning, “she’s making BALLOON ANIMALS! When is she going to get back to writing a novel? What is WRONG with her?” They would be kind of right, I do need to get back to work. But it’s hard to jump straight from a book release and tour into the work in progress again. I need a bit of transition time. Once I get the giraffe down, I’ll be ready. I think.

5. Finally, just a heads-up: I’m heading off for vacation next week, going up to MA to visit my extended family. I’ve traveled so much this summer, but it’s been ages since I’ve had my kid and husband with me, and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s not ALL play though: I’ll be at Eight Cousins Bookshop in Falmouth, MA on Friday, July 22nd at 4pm. So if you, too, are on vacay and want to say hello, come out! It’s a great bookstore and Falmouth is an awesome place.

Okay, I have YouTube videos to watch. Balloon giraffe: prepare to be mastered.

Have a good weekend, everyone!