Not Five, but One…

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Greetings from Massachusetts, where I am writing this in the midst of a game of kickball, a nail salon being run by my younger cousins, and dinner preparations. I am here on the Cape with my extended family (cousins upon cousins upon cousins) and it is gorgeous and lovely and crazy, all at once. Which I why I don’t think I can even try to do a full Five this week. (My daughter and her cousin Tae are currently running laps past me, in the midst of kickball rounds. Whoosh! Whoosh! They have so much energy. It blows my mind. But anyway.)

We only just got here Tuesday, so I haven’t yet had clam chowder, or hit the Barnstable County Fair (we hear there are GOATS!) or seen half of the people I need want to catch up with. But tomorrow, July 22nd, I AM going to get to visit one of my favorite local independent bookstores, Eight Cousins in Falmouth. I’ll be there doing a signing from 4-6, most likely with some of my family in tow. So if you are not at the beach or eating chowder and in the area, come out and say hello. I will be the one trying to look professional while in serious vacation mode. I think I might have to hit my little cousins’ nail salon first. They are offering manis and pedis for $5 each, or a mani/pedi bundle for $7. That is a serious bargain! I don’t think I can resist.

Okay, apparently the game has switched from kickball to school, someone needs to be the teacher, and I’m being recruited. Duty calls. It’s not a bad place to work, though…..

Have a good night, everyone!