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…no blog. I know! What can I say, I was in family vacation mode. Which is not, I have to say, the same as vacation mode. On vacation, I sleep in, read magazines, and recline in beach chairs holding little drinks with umbrellas in them. In FAMILY vacation mode, there are more juiceboxes, bug spray and flotation devices involved. But Cape Cod was so lovely, truly. I caught up with tons of family, spent quality time with my cousins, brother and nephew AND had the perfect cup of New England Clam Chowder that I am STILL thinking about (at Bobby Byrne’s in Mashpee, in case you are ever in the area: they win AWARDS for this chowder, it’s so good).

And of course, no vacation is complete without a spa day. Luckily, my cousins had set up a business to fill this need:

(Personally, I love that they were so specific: EVEN BOYS!!! *snort*)

I mean, seriously, five bucks for a manicure? Serious bargain. Plus, designs were no extra charge. So I ended up with this….

…which I am still rocking today. Although I have never had designs before, and it’s kind of distracting. I keep seeing these flashes of color when I’m typing and thinking, “What IS that?” Whoa.

Anyway. Aside from all the family togetherness, the best part of the trip was my reading at Eight Cousins in Falmouth, where I had a GREAT turnout, even though it was about a million degrees outside. Seriously, I was shocked everyone was not at the beach. Or hanging out in the frozen food section at the supermarket, like I used to do back when I had no A/C. (I knew all the inventory of the various kinds of pizzas, every type of ice cream. I know they thought I was crazy, but you do what you have to do.) But instead, so many great folks came out, and they weren’t even all related to me. Although a BIG part of the crowd was my family, and it was just really sweet to see them all there, mixed in with my fabulous readers. My parents came, my brother..and the group right in front, sitting on the floor at my feet, were all the cousins who did my nails just a couple of hours earlier.

I think I’ve been doing so much book stuff, traveling a ton since May, and my family all is used to it. They know I do book signings, that I’m so fortunate to have people who enjoy the books, but seeing my two worlds come together, even if only for an hour or two, was just really sweet. My dad, in his Luna Blu T-shirt, was a minor celebrity; my nephew hung out beside me at the end while I signed books. But the best part, for me, was to have the one person there who is both the reason I work so hard and am always in such a hurry to get back home. She was not interested in hearing me read, as there was both a toy store AND an arcade on the same block at the bookstore. But at the end, she stopped in for a quick hug and a hello, and to show off her new pink pig:

I don’t put a lot of pictures of my kid up here, because this isn’t her blog, and it’s not her choice. But here, I wanted to, so all of you who have come out and been so great, bought the books and said such sweet things, know the other side of my life, which keeps me close to home, or at least closer than I was before she came along. In a few months, after the Canada trip (in September!) and the Texas Book Festival and (I think?) NCTE, I’ll be disappearing for awhile to write and just be a mom again. If I am lucky, she and my family will all be patiently waiting. Although I am pretty sure they will point out it is my turn to do laundry, empty the dishwasher, and feed the dogs. But that, friends, is what family is all about.

Okay, I promised her balloon animals if she’d let me write this. Gotta keep my word…

Have a good day, everyone!