not so fast…

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So I started today by saying on Twitter it was the last Sunday in August. WRONG! This just gives you an idea where my head is. I’m skipping ahead not only entire months, but months that are PRECIOUS. Like the last one of the summer. Honestly. Target and Staples may be trying to tell me it is already time for Back to School, but I am NOT buying it. Or pencils or Post-its or new packs of paper. I just won’t. You can’t make me!

*takes deep breath*

Okay, so I’m a little sensitive about the whole end of summer thing. I mean, I’m not even GOING back to school. But there’s something about August that I just want to savor, even if it has been 100 degrees or above the last couple of days. Fall will be here before I know it, with sweaters and early darkness and, yes, Post-its and paper. I plan to cram in as many deviled eggs, shrimpburgers and pedicures as I can before then. Maybe even a beach trip, although being at home after all this traveling is NICE. I love waking up and recognizing my surroundings. No hotel bedspreads! No jankey, volume-always-on-high-so-matter-what-buttons-you-push TV sets! And, thankfully for my waistline, no mini bar nuts or 24 hour room service. Yikes.

I say all this, of course, but I am taking yet ANOTHER trip this week, up to Asheville, NC. This one’s different for a few reasons, though. First, I don’t have to get on a plane (hooray!) and it’s just a few hours away. And I get to read at one of my FAVORITE Independent bookstores on Wednesday night (Malaprops, at 7pm: details are here). It’s the last bookstore event for awhile, and a great way to round out this never-ending-but-still-so-fun book tour. Finally, it’s also the week one of my closest friends from high school turns 40, so a bunch of my best girlfriends and I are all getting together up there to celebrate. These are my GIRLS: the ones from when I was 14, 15 years old. The ones whose stories I listened to, and sometimes stole, for my own. They taught me my first true lessons about boys and makeup and life in general and are both gorgeous and hilarious. I am so, so excited to see them AND for them to come to my reading. They will most likely be the ones I am shushing. We like to talk, all of us, usually all at the same time.

After that, I have big plans. Closets to clean (I’ve been watching Hoarders, and it’s giving me a complex) books to read (I am obsessed with Emily Giffin right now: I’d read one of hers, but am now devouring all the rest) and, um, a book I should probably start writing. It’s the weirdest thing, this shift from the public-ness (not a word, I know) of promotion back to the quiet and private life of writing. You can’t just do it with a snap of your fingers. A bit of transition is required, which I personally usually fill with eating chocolate and obsessing until I am crawling the walls. Then I know I need to sit back down at my computer and get to work. I have a feeling it will be ABOUT when I start wearing something other than flip-flops every day. But I can’t say for sure. All I am sure of is that when it’s time, I will know.

Finally, speaking of books—written and not—I’ve talked here before about my audiobook fixation, and I how I love listening to non-fiction when I’m driving. Mostly celebrity memoirs (my weakness!) but I’ve also listened to a book about Columbine AND the crystal meth epidemic. (Uplifting, right?) Right now, it’s Jaycee Dugard’s memoir, A STOLEN LIFE. For those not familiar, she was kidnapped as a child and kept in captivity by a sexual predator for many, many years, bearing two children in the process. She was finally found and is now back with her family, with her children. It’s an amazing story on so many levels, and she reads it herself, which makes it even more compelling. What an amazing, tough girl she is. No self-pity, no big dramatics. She believes in forgiveness and moving on and tells her story the way she wants to. I’m riveted, especially since I read Emma Donoghue’s ROOM earlier this year, which was a novel with the same premise and just incredible. Whew. That said, I think next I will find something a bit lighter to read. Or listen to. Or whatever. It’s all about moderation. Just like the whole mini-bar room service thing.

Have a good night, everyone!