grown up stuff

Big happenings around here this morning. First, I’m packing up for Asheville—where I am hoping it will be SLIGHTLY cooler, but not getting my hopes up—where I’m reading tonight, at Malaprops Bookstore, at 7pm. Interested? You can find full details here. Even MORE exciting: after about two years of discussion, debate and comparison shopping (and not a little bit of procrastination) we have FINALLY gotten a new washer and dryer.

What? This isn’t exciting to you? Okay, so maybe I’m old. But really, my love for working appliances goes way back to, well, when I didn’t have any. I can well remember in college how I dragged my laundry to my parents’ house on the weekends, then sat folding while watching UNC basketball with my dad. When they’d had enough of me, I’d be at the laundry mat, where I’d sit on a sorting table with my textbooks, highlighting during the spin cycle. I collected quarters and kept a jug of Tide in my trunk. Sound fun? Yeah, it really wasn’t. So when we finally got a washer and dryer, right before I graduated, I was SO EXCITED. I took pictures and everything. (Nerd alert, I know.) Since then, we’ve gone through several of each, replacing them as needed with the same basic types. But in the last couple of years, we started talking about getting front loaders with more options. And talking was all we did. We are GOOD at talking about making large purchases. Making large purchases….not so much. I have a bit of a problem pulling the trigger. But then, after saying it WOULD be our gift for our anniversary for two years, and Mother’s and Father’s Day this last year (and still not doing it) we were watching Teen Mom the other night (what? I love Teen Mom!) and one of the couples had the washer dryer we wanted. It was right there! And I thought, okay. It’s a sign. If Amber or Maci can do it, we can do it. And so we did.

Now, they are here, installed. The manual is THICK and I haven’t even had a chance to look at it. But I have HEARD there is a special rack for shoes. SHOES! Man. I better take some deep breaths.

I mentioned this on Twitter earlier this week, and someone said, “You know you’re a grown up when you get excited about appliances.” I am feeling like a grown up more than ever lately, but I don’t THINK it’s just the washer and dryer. It’s just one of those phases where you find yourself looking around, and back, and taking stock of how you got here and where you want to go next. (I do this, of course, WHILE watching Teen Mom.) Adding to the retrospection is the fact that I’ve been going through a lot of old pictures while putting together a gift for one of my girlfriends for her 40th birthday. Looking back at myself at 12, 14, 16, 18 as well as all the people I knew then, and since…it’s bittersweet and wonderful and overwhelming, all at once. There are people I have lost—both figuratively and literally—and others I’ve been so lucky to find. Made BIG mistakes and, hopefully, learned from them. And suffered through a LOT of unfortunate fashion choices. Life is long and great and complicated. That is one thing that hasn’t changed. I just think the girl on the right in this shot didn’t really know it yet:

Hopefully I will not get sued by any of the other people on this pic for posting it. I have to say, I LOVED my dress. And check my Madonna-inspired gloves! Was not rocking the big eighties hair QUITE yet, as this was only ninth grade. You should have seen me junior year. Oh, the shame.

Okay, enough nostalgia. Here in the now, my kid wants me to watch Wubbzy.

Have a good day, everyone!