The Five!

1. Someone help me, I cannot stop adding apps to my phone and iPad. It’s a serious sickness. I keep thinking that somehow, if I just look hard enough—and waste enough precious time—I will find the one app that will organize my life like no other. Make my lists make sense AND get the items on them done. Organize my thoughts and my house. Reassure me that I am not as crazy as I think I am. Is this too much to ask? Of course. Will it stop me from continuing to hunt and, in the meantime, adding lots of OTHER things I don’t need (yay for Cuptakes wallpapers, so cute!)? No. No, it will not. Are you addicted to apps? There is probably an app for that.

2. Both of my dogs started with a new vet this week, and my boxer Monkey had his teeth cleaned AND some spots removed as well. Big happenings for the pups, and overdue, if I’m honest. I have a lot of guilt about my dogs and how they have slipped down the priority list since my daughter was born. Once, THEY were the children. I worried over them and obsessed constantly. (This is how I show my love, by worrying. I got it from my Jewish grandmother, I think. She was the best worrier EVER. It was like an art form with her. But I digress.) Then we had a baby, and all too often they were at the receiving end of my postpartum, sleep deprived rants. (They are big barkers, and barking + newborn that won’t sleep = crazytown.) They’re so good, though, and stayed loyal through all of this. But it felt really, really good to take them to a spankin’ new vet, who did full exams and got them all up to date and clipped their nails…it was like Queen for a Day, canine-style. Minus the whole anesthesia-for-teeth-cleaning part. Now I’m just reminding myself to toss them biscuits more often to make up for the neglect of the past few years. They are happy to indulge me.

3. Is anyone else having trouble figuring out how, exactly, to use Google +? I got an account because I like that kind of thing (see number 1, above) but now I’m not sure WHAT I should be doing with it. Facebook I’m not crazy about, Twitter I CLEARLY do too much (and have been reminded by people quite a bit lately…it’s making me sensitive, afraid to Tweet too often). I like the idea of different streams, separating your life into Work, Family, Friends, Strangers, etc. But every time I click over to look at my page, I feel tired. Maybe I really AM getting over social media. Is that even possible?

4. I just read over on Google News that Jani Lane from Warrant, who I watched recently on Celebrity Fit Club, was found dead in Los Angeles yesterday. This is sad news. It’s not been a good year to be on VH1 reality shows: Jeff Conaway, Mike Starr (although they were both addicts, and open about it) and now this. There’s such a hope when you watch those shows: clean starts, making new, good habits, losing weight and getting yourself healthy. It appeals for the same reason my dogs going to the new vet does: everyone likes a fresh beginning. But a show is just a show, a handful of episodes, and after they air, life goes on. I think watching reality TV has made me even MORE codependent, which I wasn’t even sure was possible. I have way too much invested in people I don’t know. He left behind four kids, though. So sad.

5. On a more uplifting note, I am in LOVE with my new washer and dryer. Seriously. It’s like a crush. I find myself actually going around the house SEEKING things to wash. This is in contrast to before, when clothes piled up, up, up in the laundry room until toppling to remind me to start a load. Also, front loaders are like free entertainment. My daughter positions herself in front of the window to watch the clothes get tossed around. It cleans AND does childcare. Double bonus! Now, I just wish I could teach it to FOLD all the clothes I’m washing. But you can’t have everything, I guess.

Have a good weekend, everyone!