Okay, so regular readers know that I have NOT been keeping up with my normal blog schedule. I’m actually not sure I even HAVE one anymore. Years back, when I first began this blog, I did an entry every weekday. Which I can’t even IMAGINE now. What on earth did I talk about for all those days? A lot of TV, I think. Sorry about that. When I had my daughter, I cut back to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which somehow became, in the last year, Sunday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon and Thursday…sometime.

I like being organized. I like schedules. So it bugs me I’ve been flaking here. But the truth is, I hate feeling obligated: when I feel a post is DUE, RIGHT NOW, they tend to suck (to use a technical term). I do better when I write because I have something to say. So I’m trying to find the right balance between good posts and disappearing entirely. Add in the fact it’s the last gasp of summer and everyone is on vacation and probably not reading anyway, and you understand my slackness. Or at least the reasoning behind it.

All this is a long way of saying yes, the blog is in flux. I may drop down to just doing a Five every week. Or not. Rather than forcing it, I’m going to just trust my instincts and see how it goes. But I could never give it up ENTIRELY because too much fun stuff is coming up. Like:

1. My first Canadian bookstore tour! In September, in Toronto. Details to come. Also I will be at the National Book Festival in DC AND The Texas Book Festival.

2. I am seriously thinking about planning a NYC trip SOLELY to go stand outside GMA at like, 5am to get a good spot so I can totally geek out. You KNOW I’d have to fill you in on that.(Like it or not!)

3. I need to start writing again, and I can never have enough procrastination tools when I’m working on a book. And this is a GOOD one.

4. The new TV season starts soon. ‘Nuff said.

So basically, to recap:

1. I’ve been slacking here lately.

2. I know it.

3. I’m not quitting the blog but may not keep a regular schedule anymore.

4. Just so you know.

And now we can all return to our end of summer activities. Which, for me, right now means pouring some Skinnygirl Margaritas and going to see if my chickens left me any eggs. You know, the important stuff.

Have a good night, everyone!