I’m doing an event tonight at one of our very best independent bookstores. I, like most authors, am always willing to do just about whatever the independents ask, mostly because they hand-sell my books in a way the big chains can’t even begin to do. I have to admit, however, that I was a little freaked by the title they gave my program tonight: “Reaching Today’s Teenager,” which I think may make it seem like I am an expert of some kind on the subject. Or that I have written a book on that topic. Yikes!

I have no real clue on how to reach teenagers today. I can’t even tell you how to do laundry without losing a sock or two, or the right way to program a VCR, and that’s EASY stuff. I’m a writer, which means I’m not good for much else other than making stuff up. And to be honest—really honest—I think the reasons teenagers might like my books is that I’m not trying to “reach them,” per se. I’m just writing a story that keeps me interested, and hoping it does the same for anyone else who feels compelled to pick it up.

Maybe that’s what I’ll say tonight. As my mother would say, sticking to the truth is never a bad idea, in the end.