The Five!

1. I think I’ve mentioned here before that I am a serious documentary fan. I LOVE them, all kinds, but especially ones about personal stories and crime. Years ago, on HBO, I watched Paradise Lost, a doc about the murder of three cub scouts in West Memphis, Arkansas. The case was really gruesome, and terribly sad. The movie covered the case and the conviction of three teenage boys for the murders, questioning a lot of the evidence and whether or not they were actually guilty of the crimes for which they were convicted. As a documentary, it was just SO well done, and the story has stuck with me ever since. Today, I opened up Google News to see that the West Memphis Three (as the boys convicted were known) have been released, partially due to a lack of evidence. This is after 18 years of prison. It’s all over the news right now, but if you like docs and haven’t seen it, I seriously recommend Paradise Lost. It will haunt you.

2. On a more upbeat note (which I think is needed, after the item above) our chickens are starting to give us more and more eggs. We’re up to about five a day now and it never ceases to be exciting. I mean, you can’t get more local than opening up the coop and startling a chicken who was just ON the laying box. (I feel so awful when I do this. It’s like walking in on someone giving birth. Or at least going to the bathroom. Privacy is important! Sorry, chickens.) We’ve been told that the freshest eggs don’t hardboil well, so we’re trying to come up with an organized system to keep track of which eggs were laid when. I can only hope that this project MIGHT involve my labelmaker at some point. Lifestock AND office supplies? Oh, STOP!

3. This week, I finally figured out how to connect my Twitter account to my Facebook page. Which was very exciting and, I thought, would save me just OH SO much time. But here’s the thing: on Twitter, people are used to me updating fairly often. I never updated on my Facebook. Suddenly, all the folks there were INUNDATED with all the stupid stuff I tweet about, like GMA and Dance Moms and, um, labelmakers and chickens. It was a bit of a TMI thing, and thank goodness I realized it before they all de-liked (unliked?) my page and began to hate me. Thanks to my Twitter peeps, I found an app that lets me copy only SOME tweets over there and spare the rest. Thank goodness. Twitter is NOT for everyone.

4. With the fall comes (hopefully) the starting up again of Movie Night out with my girlfriends. We got in this habit last fall and winter, then fell out of it as we all got busy and I was traveling so much. Which means I have seen NO movies in the theater. NONE! Not even Bridesmaids, which I really, really wanted to see. Anyway, we’re hoping to get going again, and I think THE HELP is going to be our first pick. That or STUPID, CRAZY LOVE which I also hear is really good. Oh, wait, I forgot: I DID see a movie this summer. It was a 10:30 showing of  Winnie the Pooh. Does that count? There was popcorn, so I’d have to say yes. But still. Would be nice to see another.

5. Finally, another big sign of summer ending: the students are back. Move-in at UNC-CH began today, which means town is suddenly filled with people lugging suitcases, mini-fridges, shower shoes and new desk lamps. Classes begin next week and even though I last taught in 2005, I still feel a weird pang at this time every August, like I should be buying new pens and printing out syllabi. It never leaves you. Instead, I will adjust to the new semester in other ways, like cursing the added traffic (bad!) and loving having regular babysitters in town and available (GREAT!). Thank goodness I do have my sitters to live vicariously through. With their stories of tough professors, roommate drama and nights out on the town, I get to experience my early twenties all over again, but from a VERY safe distance. Which is exactly where I want to be. Man, I was a mess in my twenties. No amount of mini-fridges or shower shoes could save me. Some days, I’m just so happy to be forty-one. Not all. But some.

Have a good weekend, everyone!