just your typical Tuesday…

…you know, had sushi for lunch, watched some Franklin with my daughter (a show that gets on my nerves, which makes me feel like a rotten person) then naptime and diving back into the newest Tom Perrotta novel, THE LEFTOVERS. Same old, same old. Until I felt the bed shake. At first I assumed it was a low flying plane buzzing the house (happens) or maybe my husband messing with the garage door beneath my office. Nope. So weird, I thought. It stopped after a minute or so and I went back to reading. Then it occurred to me to check Twitter, in case it WAS something else. Which it couldn’t be. Right?

WRONG! Earthquake tremors felt in NC. Seriously? And this, with a hurricane pretty much headed RIGHT our way in the next few days? What’s next, I thought, locusts? Then I remembered when the cicadas pretty much took over our entire yard earlier this summer and realized we’d already HAD them. This is, as my husband will no doubt revel in telling me because he loves to see me freak out, some end of days stuff. Not sure about that, but it was another reminder for me about how only Twitter seems capable of keeping up with news in real time. It was awhile before ANYTHING showed up on TV or even Google News about the earthquake, but I was hearing people freak out right along with me (from OH to GA to NYC) within seconds. Literally. Here I think the world is just getting bigger and bigger, but really, I’m in more of a community than I realized. It’s strangely comforting at times like this. Also when I worry I am the only one watching DANCE MOMS.

Anyway. Maybe the universe is just reacting because so much is happening right now. Here in Chapel Hill we’re in our own shifting mode, as classes began at UNC today. The students come back and town just SWELLS, in all the good and not-so-great ways. Lots more beer trucks clogging lanes on Franklin Street. Less parking. Longer lines at my favorite burrito spot. (Which hopefully will dissuade me from eating there so much, as I have NO self control when I do.) I’m also seeing many more people whizzing through traffic on bikes without helmets, which always freaks me out. I know I sound like a mom here but FOR GOD’S SAKE WEAR YOUR HELMET. My husband’s life (or at least his mobility) was saved by one when he wrecked on a bike a few years back. Still got a broken sternum, but it was a lot better than a broken neck. Or worse. Okay, I’ll stop lecturing now.

Besides, I have other things to worry about. Like this hurricane. My husband and I are already working on our preparation checklist: propane for generator, water, flashlights, tarps. We do not mess around when it comes to big storms, ever since Fran scared the bejesuses out of us way back when. I can remember staying up all night in our little yellow farmhouse in Durham, listening as rain just pelted the windows sideways. We had a huge oak on either side of the house and I knew if either of them came down we’d most likely be flattened. Good times! All I can hope for is that Irene will take a turn and head offshore, stat. Maybe she doesn’t like hurricanes, either? Just in case, though, I’m going to go inventory my batteries.

Have a good day, everyone!