The Five!

1. Coming in a BIT under the wire today, but at least I’m here, right? It’s been a nutty week, with preschool starting AND planning my daughter’s birthday party. She turns 4 today (SOB!) and I can’t believe it’s been four years since they held her up in front of me, pink-faced and squawling, and I burst into tears. Literally it was the first time EVER I had done that, immediate, full-on crying at a second’s notice. Welcome to motherhood. Now I have been all choked up all day, looking at her, smoothing her hair, kissing her, even as she swats me away impatiently to go back to jumping on the couch. My little girl! Man, no one ever could have really told me what an amazing thing it is to be a parent. Frustrating and scary and chaotic? Yes, that too. But I cannot imagine my life any other way. So tomorrow, I will give her a bat and let her whack at a pinata, then clap as toy frogs and Smarties fall at her feet. Happy Birthday, baby.

2. In other news, the summer is officially ending this weekend. Such a bummer. But it’s been coming, the signs are all there: the mornings are cooler, I hate all my summer clothes, and every once in awhile I see a leaf just jump off a tree, slightly yellow, and twirl down. Ah, Fall. Football is beginning, it’s September, and the new TV season is about to start up. And yes, the summer was hot and buggy, the humidity not kind to my hair. But I will miss it anyway. We have one more beach trip, in October, where I’ll get to say my final goodbye until late Spring. Then it’s jeans, sweaters and early darkness for awhile. I will TRY not to complain too much. TRY.

3. After fifteen weeks, WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE finally fell off the NYT Bestseller list this week. Man, what a run. Who would have thought it would hang on so long? Not me. Every Wednesday (when my editor emails me about The List) I’d be expecting to be told it was over. I think it’s fitting that the books stayed on pretty much the entire summer, from mid-May to the end of August. It’s like it was out of school or something, and now has gone back. Thanks again to EVERYONE who bought the book, and said such nice things, and came out for my book events on the tour. And it’s not over yet. Canada, brace yourself! I’m coming your way in September. More details here.

4. You know about my fascination with the Real Housewives. This week comes news that Bethenny Frankel (formerly of NYC Housewives, now of her own show) has signed a book deal. I was initially perplexed by this because the link I followed to read about it was to Perez Hilton, who referred to it as a “fiction novel.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Or ARE there nonfiction novels? I know some librarians read this blog, so if you know, fill a girl in! I have read Bethenny’s nonfiction books but did not know she was a writer in the fiction, Literary sense. Maybe this will be the new trend with the Housewives? First recording careers, then cookbooks and jewelry/handbag lines, now the book world. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I will go back to trying to write MY next fiction novel book effort. A Skinnygirl Margarita MIGHT help my confidence. But I will resist. For now, anyway.

5. Finally, for the last few months, my husband has been on a low-cholesterol, low-carb diet. Which means that, for the most part, I am on a low-cholesterol, low carb diet. Except when I sneak off for pizza because I just can’t take it anymore. I have written here before about how I am a member of Weight Watchers, a program that helped me lose my baby weight. (I am not a paid endorser, not that they would have me. But when something works, I like to let people know about it. Do with that what you will, you know, whatever.) But with WW, you can basically eat carbs and fat, as long as you watch your portion sizes. You can eat anything you want, as long as you moderate. That’s why I love it. This low carb/reduced fat/cholesterol stuff, though, is brutal. Have you tried reduced fat cheese lately? Or reduced fat Triscuits? I’ve gotten used to them, which is just plain sad, but the other day, in a low moment, I basically DOVE into a bag of Wavy Lay’s. It was like tasting heaven. OH MY GOODNESS! See, this is the problem. Deny yourself something, and you want it in HUGE amounts. I am spending way too much time thinking about pizza since we are not allowed to have it anymore except for special occasions. Aren’t carbs necessary? A girl needs her energy! But marriage is about support. So I will just eat my bacon and burritos in the car and on the sly, and enjoy my fish and brown rice at the dinner table. Okay, maybe ENJOY is a stretch. But I’ll eat them. Except tomorrow, at the birthday party. I don’t care what ANYONE says: I WILL have cupcakes. So there!

Have a good weekend, everyone!