Okay, so as I’m sitting here writing this, there are rockets shooting past my office windows. Stomp Rockets, that is. If you’re not acquainted with these things, they are foam rockets that you send aloft by stomping (or jumping) on a small air cushion attached to their launcher. WHOOSH! And up they go. My husband bought my daughter some for her birthday (although really, he bought them for himself, I think) and they have been far and away her favorite gift of all. Which is saying something, because she got a LOT of stuff. So here I sit, blogging and working, and every couple of minutes a red and yellow rocket zips past, distracting me. But it’s a good distraction, at least. Who doesn’t like foam projectiles?

My daughter’s party, which I’d been both excited about and dreading as you only CAN a four-year old birthday party, went off really well. Except for the fact that she rounded out the event sobbing and red-faced, sweaty to the touch, completely jacked upon sugar and inconsolable because some of the other kids present were playing with her new stuff. The next time WE have a party and someone won’t leave, even after much hinting, I know what to do. Just have a complete meltdown: shrieking, crying, sobbing, demanding to be alone. You WILL clear a room. I spent most of Sunday emailing apologies, but whatever. Nobody seemed surprised but me. Apparently, this is sort of normal for birthdays at this age.  Another thing I never knew until I was a mom. Add it to the list!

And now, it is Labor Day, the official end of summer. I will admit to having found myself yearning to wear jeans and long sleeves, although I will probably keep up the flip flops until there’s a real nip in the air. I always get sad when the summer is over, but now I will focus, as is my tradition, on the things I LIKE about colder weather. Such as:

1. Puffy coats

2. New TV season! *claps excitedly*

3. Thanksgiving (I love an eating holiday)

4. The beach in October (gorgeous and mostly deserted)

5. Halloween candy

And so on. Also, there is my trip to Canada, which I am totally pumped about. What is the weather like in Toronto in late September? Will it be cold enough to make it REQUIRED that I buy new sweaters and a jacket? (Oh, please say yes!) I have already decided I will need a new purse. Because…well, I haven’t figured that reasoning out yet. But it, like the cooler weather, will surely come soon.

WHOOSH! Another rocket just sailed past. Man, that looks like too much fun to be shut away working. Going to get a stomp in now. But first, I will leave you with this totally gratuitous picture of a red velvet cupcake I got from Sugarland Bakery in Chapel Hill this weekend. It was almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Have a good evening, everyone!