The Five!

1. The days are getting shorter, and I can feel it happening: that winter funk approaching. Ugh. Contrary to appearances, I do like a lot of things about the fall. It’s winter I really have trouble with. Both seasons, though, have the whole shorter-days-less-light thing going on and I always seem to find myself feeling blue as both start happening. I try to do what I can: sit in the sun for a bit every day, smile as much as possible (it really works, I swear, for the whole cheering up thing) do whatever I can to lift the spirits when I’m feeling especially blah. Also, there is the whole carbo-loading-for-hibernation thing. I mean, we are almost REQUIRED to eat pasta and bread to make it to March. It’s not up to me. It’s biology.

2. In (much) brighter news, I go to both Toronto AND the National Book Festival next week, which is actually just the shake up I think I need. I’m picking up dry cleaning, getting eyebrows done, and making time for a much-needed haircut. Is my first book tour trip to Canada AND first trip to this festival reason enough to do something radical with my hair? Fine, fine. Raise your hand if you have been reading this blog long enough to know that I always say I want to do that, and yet am still rocking the same style I had in high school. Sigh. I think I missed my radical hair window, you know, back in my 20’s. The craziest I ever got was some ill-advised use of Sun-In (I had an orange streak down the back of my head for MONTHS) and a brief infatuation with a crimping iron. Other than that, though, I have basically virgin hair. Maybe it’s time to get deflowered? (So to speak.) No? Oh, fine. I don’t think I will either. You know me too well.

3. Speaking of Canada, it’s been ages since I was there and I feel like I am woefully unprepared as far as what to expect. I have my passport but not much else. I’m told I should bring a sweater (if not a jacket) and that my AT&T iPhone will be crazy expensive to use, even with the International Plan I signed up for. But what about money? Do I need to convert currency? And what restaurants are REALLY good in case I can actually slip out and eat something delicious? Any seasoned travelers and Toronto natives who have tips, pass them my way. I do remember from when I went for How to Deal that there was LOTS of good shopping. Uh-oh…

4. My kid is such a hot mess right now. First, she has been INSISTING on playing outside in mud puddles and is covered in bugbites. I spray her EVERY day, but I think she’s built up immunity to our bug stuff. Then, today outside preschool, she totally bit it on the cement walkway, scraping both knees badly and one palm. So we have spots AND band-aids. I mean, I’m worried someone is going to call Social Services or something. I swear, I am overprotective! Even if it doesn’t look like it. For instance, right now (because of Wubbzy) she wants to put banana peels on her feet to skate around the house and I am saying NO. See? Responsible parenting in action!

5. Finally, I know that I have blogged a lot here recently about how much I….am not sure I want to blog anymore. As of tomorrow, September 16th, 2011, I will have been doing this blog for exactly ten years and one month. I know! That’s a lot of entries, a lot of life, a lot of, well, everything. It’s like we grew up together. I’ve gone from seven days a week to five to three and now….well, I’m not sure what I want to do. All I AM certain of is that I don’t like feeling a sense of obligation or fatigue whenever I think of updating here, and since I worry that is becoming the case, I’m stepping back a bit. I know, I know. I’ve said this before, too. But I will show up on this page when I have something worthwhile to say. It just might take awhile. In the meantime, if you WANT to hear the inane updates of my day to day life, feel free to follow me on Twitter, where I am probably more active than I should be. (Not even kidding: it’s like a sickness.) I’m at @sarahdessen.

Thanks for reading, everyone. You guys are the best.