I HATE being sick. Hate it!

Anyway. The good thing that’s come out of being stuck at home sniffling for the last day or two has been that I could lose myself in the new Ann Rule book.

Now. I’m the first to admit I’m not a huge fan of true crime. Usually, it’s just really gory and gross, with way too much detail into blood, violence, etc. Ann Rule is the exception. Her books are GREAT. She’s also the only writer I’ve ever written a fan letter to who actually wrote back (it was email, to be honest, but she wrote back and it was just way cool). What really makes her books stand out is that she gets into the lives of her characters, not just their deaths and the trials that followed.

Probably my favorite of all of hers is Small Sacrifices, which was made into a TV movie (as most of her books have been). It’s on Lifetime about every other minute or so. Also highly recommended is The Stranger Beside Me, which is all about how she was covering these murders without even knowing that the mild-mannered, charming guy she worked next to at this crisis hotline place was actually the killer himself, Ted Bundy. That one I’ve read twice.

I read a lot of books sent to me to consider to review, and most of them aren’t all that great. This book was the best thing I could have hoped for on a rainy weekend when I was drugged up on Dayquil. Thank god for Ann Rule. Go out and buy her books today!