I’m writing this from the business center at the Stamford, CT Marriott Hotel on day three of my whirlwind bookseller dinner tour. So far, things have gone really well. A few highlights:

* I was chosen to receive the full security treatment when I flew out of my local airport. Which meant I had to have my bag searched, then stand with my arms out straight while someone frisked me and waved one of those little beep-beep wands over me. Plus, I had to take my shoes off and have them checked. Luckily, I was wearing brand new socks. At any rate, it was surreal. But then, so much seems surreal when your head is totally congested to the point of making somewhat unsettling squeaking noises every once in a while. God, I wish I could get over this cold!!!!

*Yesterday, I got to take the train, which was way fun. The woman behind me was named Stephanie. How did I know this? Because she talked on her cell phone THE ENTIRE TRIP. I now know everything about Stephanie, what she does for a living (something in sales) where she was headed (NYC) and that some event she’d been really stressing about had gone well the night before. People, please! I guess it was a little better than the guy behind her, who sounded like he was hacking something up for the full two hours I shared in the same space with him. Nice.

*So far, the dinners have been great. (Except for my nose running.) I’m taking lots of pictures that I’ll post later, including one of the mini bar at my Boston hotel, which was really impressive. Plus because Viking is paying I can actually EAT anything I want from the mini bar, including the macadamia nuts, which were like twenty bucks or something. I controlled myself, though. Maybe in the next hotel.

So. That’s the update. Two dinners down, two to go. I’m getting to eat dessert every night, which is just so wonderful. Right now here in Stamford it’s really dark and rainy and kind of depressing. Oh, and another thing: the shopping, so far, has been stellar. I went to the mall across from my hotel in Boston and almost turned right around: the first store was Gucci, the next Louis Vuitton. You get the idea. But still, it was fun to pretend I could actually afford all that stuff. Sigh.

Hopefully I’ll update again. I know I have more stories to tell but I have to go blow my nose. (I’m not kidding. I’ve had a damp kleenex clutched in my hand this entire trip. Yuck!)
More to come……….