I am coming to you from the lovely Tarrytown CT, where I am writing on a cheap little keyboard watching these words come up on the hotel TV. It’s weird and the caps lock key keeps sticking so I’ll keep this short.

A few stats on this, day six:

Number of dinners: 3
Number of booksellers met: 15
Number of cities visited: 4
Number of fancy teas at Plaza Hotel including scones: !
Number of cousins seen: 4
Cases of food poisoning: 1
Books read: 1 1/2 (but today I have spent the entire day with The Corrections….the author may be arrogant but god he’s entitled to be)
Room service meals consumed (thank you Viking Books!): 4
Charges to credit card for stuff I so don’t need and shouldn’t have bought: um, about 5. I think.

All in all, a good trip so far. Everyone I”ve met has been really nice, and about the worst part is that I really miss my dog. And my husband. Not necessarily in that order.

onward on Monday……….