The Five!

1. I’m sitting here watching leaves fall from the trees in my yard. Tomorrow is October 1st. OCTOBER. Whoa! My mind is boggled. Although I am really sick of all my summer clothes, I will admit, I still hate to see the days getting shorter, the darkness coming on so early. But leaves falling are kind of pretty, I will admit. Grumpily. Look, there’s another one!

2. This weekend, we head off to a wedding. I love weddings and this is a big one: full Catholic mass, big sit-down reception, fancy dress. We are taking our daughter, who is so freaking excited you would think we were going to Disney, and all because we are staying in a HOTEL. She’s so pumped, has it all planned out. We’re all going to sleep in the same room! Put on our pajamas at the SAME TIME and watch TV together! Go down to the lobby for orange juice FIRST THING the morning after! She is also very excited about the prospect of wedding cake, but that, I am right on board with as well. I can’t even imagine what she will do when we actually DO go someplace like Disney. Possibly self-destruct with excitement. Better hold off.

3. It’s so freaking crafty around here right now, you would not even believe it. This week, it’s been all about Yo Gabba Gabba no-sew pillows, which one of my babysitters told my daughter about. Cut to about seven am the next morning, when she was begging me to make one, right then, before I had even brushed my teeth or had coffee. Dear God, give me strength. Somehow, though, I managed a decent Foofa. Then we headed out to AC Moore for more supplies. At lunchtime, I made a Brobee. I was all proud of myself, because I am SO not crafty…until I came back from working in my office to see my babysitter Kelsey had made PERFECT Toodee and Muno pillows. I mean, come ON! Let me have my moment, will you? This is what I get for hiring perfectionists. You can see the contrast in this picture. Kelsey’s, of course, are the ones with the neat, even edges. But mine look all, you know, avant-garde. Or crooked. Whichever.

4. The new TV season has finally begun, and I could NOT be happier. I loved the premiere of Office (although James Spader will always be Blaine from Pretty in Pink to me, I’m sorry) and still have Parks and Rec and Grey’s on deck. Over on Showtime, Weeds finished out its best season in AGES (in my opinion). Modern Family is still amazing. I’m trying to incorporate an add-a-show, must-drop-a-show policy for my TV habit this season. Up on the chopping block right now: Project Runway (I’m sorry, Tim Gunn, I love you but not the show right now) and Teen Mom (I just can’t parent all day and then worry about other people’s parenting in the slim time I have to relax). If I cut them both I can add Breaking Bad on DVD (which I hear is fabulous) and maybe The New Girl (ditto). We will see how disciplined I am with this. Maybe I should get Kelsey to do it.

5. Finally, a bit of a plug. But first, a backstory. So this summer, we were in Boston, going to pick up our rental car to drive to Cape Cod. Long trip already, daughter was crabby. We got on the rental car shuttle bus, followed by a group of guys with instrument cases. Instantly, she cheered up. “Look,” I said to her, as a guy carrying a guitar got on, “I bet he’s really good at playing that.” One of his buddies glanced over. “Nope, he’s isn’t,” he said, and everyone else laughed. They were nice and funny and really sweet to my kid, asking her where she was from (“Chapel HILL!” she yelled, with a twang. Oh, dear.) and making faces at her. Turned out it was a country artist named Matt Gary who was on a radio tour with his band. They gave us a card, we wished them luck, and went our separate ways. I, of course, then had to look him up on Twitter, and have followed him ever since. Anyway, his first album just came out this week, and if you like country, you should totally check it out. Plus, he has a boxer. I mean, what is not to love? You can check out his video here.

Okay, gotta go. Have competitive crafting to do.
Have a good weekend, everyone!