The Five!

1. It’s October, there’s a chill in the air, and…I’m going to the beach. Yes, I know, I’m a BIT late for bathing suits and sunscreen, but hey, it’s been a busy summer. You do what you love when you can, and regular readers know how much I love the NC Coast. If you’ve never taken a beach trip in the fall, there are actually all these amazing things about it: quiet restaurants and stores, empty bowling alley and mini-golf places, and lots of sand and surf to yourself. I am hopeful my favorite shrimpburger place (The Big Oak, in Salter Path) will still be open regular hours and that the water will be warm enough to still swim, as it was the last time I was lucky enough to go in October. After this, I will reconcile myself to jeans and Uggs and my puffy coat. But not quite yet.

2. I never feel as un-traveled as when new editions of my books arrive and…I don’t even recognize the language they have been translated into. Man. It happened again this week, when this popped up on my doorstep:

A bit of Googling (yes, I’ll admit, I needed Google) informed me that this was a Lithuanian edition. A very helpful person on Twitter, seeing this pic, told me that the title translates to “The Night Wanderers.” Also in the mail recently: Portugese and Dutch editions, all featuring bicycles and feet in the cover images. Some things, clearly, are universal.

3. Okay, I’m probably going to regret saying this, but I’m going to anyway: I’m having trouble loving Glee this season. I know! I said I didn’t want to say it. I’m not sure if it’s the show or me, but I just feel…I don’t know, not as engaged, or something. I can’t put my finger on what it is, exactly. I loved Britney’s Beyonce cover this week but otherwise it fell sort of flat for me. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep a show fresh and amazing, week after week, year after year. Believe me, I am the LAST to throw stones. Which is why I am shutting up, right now.

4. OOOOOH! In other TV news, did you hear that Connie Britton (i.e. the fabulous Tami Taylor) says that a Friday Night Lights movie is getting SUPER close to a reality? She did, I swear! You can see proof here. I love this idea, of course, although I wonder if they could really do the show more justice than the final season and show did. I felt the same way about Sex and the City when that film was announced, though: the show finale I believed, and still believe, was just about perfect. But I really liked the movie, too, so I am hopeful. (I never saw the second SATC movie: I’d just heard such bad stuff, I couldn’t bring myself to.) The thought of two hours of FNL, without commercials, WITH movie theatre popcorn….be still my heart. I cannot WAIT.

5. Lately, I have found myself obsessing about my desktop wallpaper. (What, you thought I was going to say something, you know, actually obsession-worth? Come on!) I have done the standard Mac patterns and stuff from iPhoto but just wanted more. So today, I splurged on Cuptakes, an app I already use on my iPhone which has totally girly and cute designs that make my laptop look like a pretty candy box. Hooray! I have written here before about how I might have a BIT of an app addiction. Okay, fine, it’s full fledged. I’m not sure why but I LOVE adding them and then organizing them on my screens. (Nerd alert!) Someone asked me on Twitter for my favorites, and since I am always hoping other people will share THEIRS (leave a comment if you have a great one!) here’s my top ten: (some are free, some paid)

*Wunderlist—I have gotten so many list apps, because I always think that is all I need to actually feel in control of my life. I am wrong. But Wunderlist is the best out there. My friend Christina recommended it and I am eternally grateful.

*Twitter—enough said. Talk about an addiction.

*Evernote—did I mention I love list apps? This one is great because it’s set up for longer lists and can work across lots of devices, like Wunderlist.

*Dropbox–like having all your important documents with you at all times. I love a sense of backup almost as much as I do list apps.

*mSecure–the best way to manage all your online passwords and membership numbers, much better than, you know, a pile of post-its and scrap paper (my previous method)

*Scrabble—okay, this one is pricey. But I personally have used it SO MUCH in waiting rooms, post office lines, and when my kid can’t sleep and therefore I can’t sleep. The computer beats me every time but I still come back for more.

*Yelp—this has come to my rescue SO much this past summer, when I was traveling and needed to eat and had no idea where I was, much less what was good around me. My most common search, regardless of where I am: pizza. Sad but true.

*Pandora—you can create your own music stations and listen for free. I have found SO MUCH great new music through this app. I just wish I could somehow have it in my car. Maybe someday…

*IMDB (Internet Movie Database)—You know when you’re watching a show or movie and you see an actor and can’t remember their name or what you’ve seen them in? Know how that drives you crazy until you figure it out? Okay, might just be me. But in case it isn’t, this is the app with all the answers. Great for settling arguments as well.

*WUNC Radio—All right, so maybe you wouldn’t have an interest in live streaming MY local NPR station. But when I was traveling so much this summer, up early in hotel rooms to catch flights or do events, I loved being able to listen to the weather and news from my hometown, along with the standard NPR stories. It made me feel like I wasn’t so far away, even when I really was.

Okay, so that’s my ten. I could go on and on, but…I have to pack. Wonder if there is an app for that?

Have a good weekend, everyone!