The Five!

1. I’m writing this from the last day of my family vacation in Emerald Isle, NC. The sun is out (yay!) the family is mostly still sleeping, and I have coffee and GMA all to myself. Nice. This is my last trip to EI for the year, which means that come tomorrow when I head home, I’ll have to finally accept that yes, it IS October and fall. For now, it’s warm and sunny and I can still wear a bathing suit, so my denial is in full effect. It’s like a muscle, my denial. You go to work it out to keep it up!

2. My husband’s low-cholesterol diet has meant that there have been NO shrimpburgers consumed on this trip. Yet. I think I’ve written here before about how he’s watching his fats and carbs and everything to get his numbers down, and it’s a benefit for me as well, I know. But MAN do I miss fried foods. I keep thinking about Modern Family and Mitchell suffering as Cameron tries to diet. It’s hard on everyone! But while I can sort-of justify pizza (there’s vegetables involved!) and the occasional potato chip (low-fat variety!) there is just no way around a shrimpburger, which is basically fried shrimp, coleslaw and cocktail sauce on a hamburger bun. And you’re required by law to have onion rings with it. Look it up! Or, you know, don’t. We will see if I make it through this day without sneaking off for one. Wish me luck.

3. Today on the treadmill, I was watching the reunion show for this season of The Real Housewives of New York City and let me tell you, even for a big fan of this guiltiest of pleasure, it was hard to watch. What happened to these people? I mean, there’s always been cattiness and backbiting, but it’s just so altogether nasty, I can’t even take it. I’m beginning to understand why Bravo cleaned house and is bringing new people in. I don’t think I could TAKE another season of all that squabbling. Which is really saying something, because we all know I basically have no standards when it comes to TV.

4. This house we’re renting is gorgeous, but the thing that really blows my mind is the margarita machine. It’s in the laundry room and is EPIC. I have never seen anything like it. I mean, look:

To answer your question: no, we haven’t used it yet. I’m a little bit scared. I mean, how much do they really expect people to be able to drink? Multiple blenders-full, apparently. Yikes.

5. Another thing I’ll remember about this trip: rediscovering the joy of Kitchen Nightmares. Somehow, this show fell off my radar, even though I’ve been talking all book tour about how it helped inspire Mclean’s dad’s job in What Happened to Goodbye. Thanks to Hulu Plus, we’re catching up this week with the last season, and it is SO GOOD. Oh, Gordon Ramsay, I hate myself for loving you. But I DO love him. Especially on this show, when he’s not being nasty but actually trying to help people. (While cursing quite a bit, yes, but whatever. I didn’t say he’s Ghandi or anything.) My husband has also loved introducing my brother, who does not even have a TV—yes, you read that right, my only sibling has no television by CHOICE!—-to shows like Man Vs. Food, just to blow his mind. It’s hilarious. He’s a longtime vegetarian and super healthy eater and can’t even BEGIN to understand why someone would eat 5 lbs of ground beef. Ah, vacation. We are all learning things!

6. Okay, so there’s not really a six. Just this:

Have a good weekend, everyone!