The Five!

1. Reminder: I’m heading to Austin this weekend for the Texas Book Festival, where I’ll be doing a program on Saturday with AWESOME Libba Bray. Details are here.. Come out if you can!

2. This is the time of year when the N.C. State Fair comes to town, not that I have actually gone in years. I have friends who take the Fair VERY seriously: it is like a holiday, and they plan their lives around it. Also their calorie intake, all the better for eating as many funnel cakes as possible. However, now that I have a kid who is really into animals, we all packed up yesterday and went to Raleigh to see some livestock exhibits. It was MADNESS. Not the animals: they were great, as were all the agriculture exhibits, including a HUGE blue-ribbon winning sweet potato and the biggest watermelon I have ever seen. But it was the midway that did me in. Total sensory overload! Lights, noise, barkers, a million smells coming at you at once. Whoa. I was there for two hours and felt like I’d been in Vegas a full weekend. I can’t possibly do it justice here, though, so I’ll just share this:

I know. There really are no words.

3. So I’m writing this from the airport, after spending the entire ride here talking to the driver of my car about….cars. He, like my husband, is OBSESSED with cars, and of course seeing my husband and his race car at the house before we left, this nice driver was all fired up. I have said it before: I am not really a car person. I mean, I grew up with nice, dependable Hondas. Dents were not noticed, as long as the engine ran. Then, in high school, I met my husband, who even then took his rides SERIOUSLY. He can notice a new fender ding from a hundred paces, and I know because I’ve tried to hide them from him before. He long ago gave up trying to make me appreciate the differences between an Acura and an Audi, and now just contents himself taking curves too fast while I grip the handle over my passenger window, trying not to shriek. But I swear, to some folks, the car thing is an addiction. Maybe like me and my Real Housewives? At least mine is less expensive.

4. Heartbreaking moment for today: when my daughter asked me why I had to leave again, I said to talk about my book, because that’s how I make money so we can buy food, have the house, etc. She thought about this for a minute. Then she said, “Mama, I’ll set up a lemonade stand and make money. Then you won’t have to go away anymore.” Cue my heart BREAKING, right there on the road to preschool. Dear God. I love my work and I love my kid. But sometimes, having both go well is just really, really hard. *Sniff*

5. Flight’s boarding soon, so this final item will have to be QUICK. Look! It’s a 19 pound sweet potato!

Have a good weekend, everyone!