The Five!

1. Yesterday, it was in the upper 70’s here. Today we are under a freeze warning. Come on, Mother Nature, can’t you ease me into the cold stuff? This is like climate whiplash. On the plus side, we’re now having fires in the fireplace every night, which is just SO nice and cozy. And I get to wear my Uggs. But still, a little time to adjust would be nice. You know, if I could, like, have a vote or something.

2. Halloween is fast approaching, which means I have been painting a LOT of mini pumpkins and trying to keep my kid from wrecking her costume before the actual day she’s supposed to wear it. This year, she chose to be Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba. We ordered the costume online,and it just came about a week ago. Or so she THINKS. It actually arrived awhile back, but I hid it away and lied to her. Yes, I am that mother. But do you have any idea what happens to a Halloween costume when it is worn, like constantly? If not, I can show you her giraffe one from last year. They are not meant for everyday use, people. So Foofa is hanging in my closet, at least until tomorrow, when the begging/pleading/whining will probably hit its peak and I cave. As for my costume, I don’t even have one. Yet. Although I may just rock my Bump-it from last year and go as a Housewife again. I know, I know. So lame! At least I am decorating pumpkins, right?

3. I can’t remember if I already mentioned this, but right now I am listening to the BEST memoir on my iPod. It’s called FICTION RUINED BY FAMILY by Jeanne Darst, and it is just GREAT. Her father was a writer, her mother was depressive and dramatic and somehow, she makes her difficult family life hilarious. (But really, does ANYONE have a normal family? I don’t think so. I used to, but now, I’m understanding we are all a little messed up. But I digress.) I read about this book in EW and bought it just on their recommendation, and I am SO glad I did. If you like memoirs, check it out. Other books I am reading: EVERYTHING CHANGES by Jonathan Tropper (I’m working my way through his backlist) and COMMENCEMENT by J. Courtney Sullivan. Yes, I have three books going at once: one on audio, one on the iPad, and one good old fashioned paperback. It’s the new media! Or something.

4. Today I went to get my eyes checked. It’s bad enough that now I am having trouble seeing things up close—because I am in my 40s, according to the tech who examined me—but then the doctor comes in and she’s, like, 14. Okay, 27. But still! Young and cute and I thought, when did doctors get YOUNGER than me? I made some crack about being old and she smiled at me and said, “You’re not old, you’re wise!” Man. She was also rocking the coolest boots I had seen in awhile. I left feeling defeated, like I needed to just pack it in and start wearing velcro shoes and sweatpants. This all happened before 10:30 in the morning. Sigh.

5. Finally, because it IS Halloween (almost) we are right this very second carving our pumpkin. And when I say “we” I mean my husband, as I am here typing (he’s probably about to admonish me for it, too) and my daughter long ago lost interest and wandered off to watch The Backyardigans and eat mac and cheese. This is what happens. You have this idea of family togetherness, but in reality it lasts about ten minutes. But you know what? Those ten minutes are really, really wonderful. And ten minutes is better than nothing. This is what I am learning, really. I don’t need forever perfect, or all day perfect. I just need the occasional perfect moment or fleeting second to grab and save and savor. Because they ARE out there. You just have to stop looking for longer, and take what you get.

Also: BOO!

Have a good weekend, everyone!