The Five!

1. All right, people, it’s November. Which means I am saying goodbye to Halloween—which somehow became, like, a week-plus long holiday, what’s up with that?—and turning my attention to Thanksgiving. YES! I love an eating holiday. Also, this year, I am going to host dinner here at my OWN HOUSE for the very first time. I am 41 and have lived here for 12 years. This is what happens when you live in your hometown: you have traditions, you follow them, and it’s really hard to break out and try something new. But this year, I am determined. So we will be making the turkey, the potatoes, the apple pie. I am nervous AND excited. I might even wear an apron. Eeek!

2. The day AFTER Thanksgiving is Black Friday. For some, that means shopping, but for us, this year, it’s the day my husband is going on the South Beach Diet. He’s trying to lower his cholesterol and this is supposed to be a good way. Now, when you are married, it is all about The Team. Which means if he is on this diet, I need to do it as well. But OH my goodness. The first two weeks I can’t have wine or caffeinated coffee. WHAT? I’m scared. Maybe I can load up on both like crazy in the time UNTIL then? Which would leave me tipsy and energetic, not the best combination. Especially when hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. Rut-roh!

3. Also in November is the VERY last round of trips for the Tour That Never Ends. The weekend of November 19-21 I’ll be at the Miami Book Festival AND The ALAN conference at NCTE. Details will be coming soon, but I’m really excited for both, as I’ve never been to the Miami Festival (but have heard great things) and NCTE/ALAN is one of my longtime faves. Packing, however, will present challenges: talk about climate whiplash. Need to start planning, I think.

4. I also want to take ONE more trip before the end of the year, when I have to seriously buckle down, stay home, and WRITE. I’ve been dying to go to New York for fun, not work, and of course stalk the Good Morning America studio one morning because I’m basically obsessed. I’m thinking early December, and I tweeted Josh Elliot and Sam Champion asking if they thought it was better to try to get tickets or just stand outside. And Josh Elliot TOTALLY TWEETED ME BACK saying he’d help me get a good spot. YESSSSS! I almost died. Major, super big props are also in order for John Green, YA author extraordinaire, who basically tweeted me up to both the GMA guys to make my plea more valid. We YA folks stick together. Stay tuned for news of THAT adventure. You know I will be documenting. When I am not totally freaking out starstruck. I just hope I don’t scare anyone. Fingers crossed!

5. Finally, as I DO wind down all this book stuff, I just really want to thank all of you for the support. For reading this blog (and understanding when I decided to step back from it a bit) for supporting the books, for coming out in Canada and here in the US, for just basically being super awesome. The BEST part of touring is meeting my readers, and I am so grateful for every kind word, every handshake and card and retractable Sharpie you have given me. You guys RULE. I am hoping that 2012 will be all about me writing another book you’ll like as much as this one. Thanks.

Have a good weekend, everyone!