Miami Bookfest, ALAN and more….

All right, I know I’ve been super MIA from the blog lately. Blame it on the fact that…well, honestly, I don’t even know what to blame it on. Shorter days? The fact that I’m (trying to begin) writing again? Or the oncoming influx of the holidays AND the meal I, for some reason, decided to cook for my ENTIRE FAMILY on Thanksgiving? Could be a combo of all three. I’ve also been thinking about purses a lot. All of this is very time consuming.

Now, though, I MUST get back into work mode and pull myself together for the final trip of this Book Tour That Never Ends (once it’s over, though, I guess I have to stop calling it that?) Anyway, this weekend I’ll be at the Miami Book Festival, where I’m doing a panel with Colleen Houck and Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie.  That’s Saturday, Nov. 19, 12:30 p.m., Room 1164 (Building 1, 1st Floor). (Thank you, cut and paste!) I am not sure if there is a signing afterwards or not? Will let you know when I hear. Then, I am off to the ALAN conference in Chicago, where I’m attending the annual cocktail party (always a blast and I see so many good friends!) and then speaking Monday at the conference itself. Then it is BACK on a plane and home, hopefully in time to wish my husband a happy birthday before I collapse into bed. And then get up the NEXT day to start thinking about turkey, stuffing and all that stuff.

I will try to blog again this week when I get caught up. HA! I just laughed out loud writing that. But still: will try.


Have a good night, everyone!