The Five!

1. I’m writing this from my secondary satellite office: the parking lot of my daughter’s preschool. (First satellite, regular readers know, is Whole Foods.) I’ve been running errands like mad, trying to get ready to leave town this afternoon. Just as a reminder: I’ll be at the Miami Book Fair tomorrow, then NCTE/ALAN in Chicago on Sunday and Monday. Want more details? They are here.

2. Somehow, Thanksgiving is next week. WHAT? Wasn’t it just Halloween? I will return home from this last trip of the Book Tour That Never Ends But Now Actually Is to throw myself completely and totally into meal prep. I am responsible for dressing (Not stuffing! there’s a difference!), mashed potatoes and apple pie. The potatoes I have done for years, the pie is my cousin Caroline’s recipe and basically idiot-proof (although one year I did forget to mix the sugar in with the apples until AFTER I’d put the top crust on. Whoops!). Dressing, however, is a new ball game, but luckily I have my husband’s grandmother to go to in case I truly panic. I mean, it’s just celery, onion, breadcrumbs, broth and butter. How hard can it be? Oh, I can’t believe I even just said that.

3. I’m excited for this last trip for lots of reasons—I mean, Miami! It’s cold here right now!—but especially because I LOVE seeing so many other YA authors at the NCTE/ALAN conference. Being down here in NC, I don’t have a lot of teen authors around me as I would if I lived in, you know, New York or LA or some other big urban center. So these conferences are my big chance to catch up, compare notes, and just dish. And some of my FAVORITE folks will be there: John Green, Jenny Han, Laurie Halse Anderson, Megan McCafferty…the list goes on and on. Woot! It’s like old home week, as we say down here. Where there aren’t very many YA authors. But LOTS of good dressing.

4. I think I’ve written here recently about how this season of Glee has been a bit harder for me to get into. I’m not sure if it’s them or me, it just wasn’t grabbing me as much. This week’s episode, however, was flat-out AWESOME. I love a mash-up show! Also, as a child of the 80’s, I have a serious soft spot for Hall and Oates. And Adele, too? Stop it. Just stop it! So good I know I’ll be watching it again. And probably more than once.

5. Another great thing about traveling is that I get to READ. I mean, I can read at home as well, and do, but it’s rare I get long stretches where no one is asking me to look for toys, or make a pb & j, or demanding to have squeaky toys tossed for them. Lots of people HATE the downtime associated with airports and flying, but personally, I savor it these days. In my bag on this trip is THE RULES OF CIVILITY by Amor Towles, a book my editor gave me. It is so great, all about New York City in the 1930’s. It’s glam and so well written and just makes you want to put on a beautiful dress and have a martini. I love a book that makes you feel like you’re stepping into a different world. Meanwhile, on audio, I’m listening to Meredith Baxter’s memoir, Untied, which is SO great. And she hasn’t even gotten to talking about making The Betty Broderick Story yet. (Confession: I LOVED that movie. Have seen it way too many times to even count.) Then, on my iPad (holy multitasking, Batman!) I’m still reading COMMENCEMENT, which is so fun and good as well. Oh, and to be fair: I’m also reading a LOT OF the Little Miss and Mr. books, but out loud. My personal favorite: Mr. Funny. He lives in a teapot and drives a shoe! I mean, what’s not to love about that?

Okay, almost time for pickup. The office is closing.

Have a good weekend, everyone!