Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!

The Jetsons reference above is due to the fact that tomorrow is the first of December. WHAT? I honestly feel like George on that outside treadmill, running like crazy, unable to get off. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are probably much younger and cooler than me. But still, get on over to YouTube and find a clip of The Jetsons. We’ll wait. Okay, back now? Good.)I was having a hard enough time with the fact that it was somehow Thanksgiving, but now we have Christmas to deal with? Yikes.

That said, Thanksgiving WAS nice, spent with family, stuffing my face. My dressing turned out REALLY well (although how can you go wrong with butter and bread crumbs? I’ll tell you how—you can’t) and we had enough leftovers to indulge for days afterwards. I have to say, hosting is MUCH harder than it looks. You have to keep people entertained and somehow have all the food ready at the same time WHILE smiling. Whoa. The turkey came out a bit late, and nobody had room for my pie until later, but these are little things. Also, my daughter had such an epic meltdown I basically had to throw her into her bed before bursting into tears myself. But hopefully I won’t remember that part. Anyway, onward!

I want to spend the rest of this holiday season in the mindset of gratitude. Not thinking about gifts or stuff but people and good deeds and good things. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be participating in the Chapel Hill Holiday Parade, riding on the Dessen Racing Float. I am SO SUPER PUMPED for this. The last time I was in the parade I was about five and a member of the Tarheel Twirlers. I twirled my little white baton down the entire parade route, never ONCE taking a break in the wagon provided for that purpose. (My dad loves to tell this story. If you ever meet him and mention parades, you’ve been warned.) We’re going to throw candy and hand out stickers and basically just get our holiday spirit on. And I will be posting pictures. Again, you’ve been warned.

Before that, though, I’m heading up to New York for a couple of days of fun and seeing friends. I will leave my book tour shoes and reading copy at home, for once, which will be awesome. A work-free trip! I also will be making a sign to hold up while I stand outside of the Good Morning America studio on Wednesday morning, a week from today. I am trying to think of what I want to say. Maybe something about NC? Or YA? I think I kind of scared Josh Elliott, the news anchor, with my enthusiasm about my visit. He made a joke about having extra security when I tweeted I was coming. Whoops! Let it be said I am not a crazy dangerous stalker. Just a big fan. Holding a sign. And most likely getting there at 6am so I can score a good spot. I am SUCH a nerd.

I have to say, though, my heart kind of broke today when I was watching because you know who was there, at GMA, outside the studio, being interviewed within REACH of the place I plan to be next week? Taylor Kitsch, aka Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. SA-WOON! If I had ONLY planned my trip for one week earlier, I might have gotten to see him. Can you even IMAGINE my GMA and FNL worlds colliding? I think my head might explode. Which would really scare Josh Elliott, so I suppose it’s a good thing it didn’t happen. But still. You all KNOW how much I love Friday Night Lights. I know, I know, he’s all John Carter now. But he will always be Riggs to me.

Then again, I don’t have to go to New York to meet famous people. This past weekend, on Small Business Saturday, I went to my local indie bookstore, Flyleaf Books, to do some early shopping. And LOOK who I got my picture with. Okay, it’s not Riggins. But to my daughter, even better:

Yes, that IS Llama Llama. In his red pajamas. Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Okay, it’s 4:42 and almost dark here. December, you can come on in, if only because in 21 days we’ll get more light…..

Have a good night everyone!